SmartConnect Error Fixes for Dynamics GP 2018

By - April 10, 2019

Overview: Recently, while importing data into Dynamics GP 2018, using SmartConnect, I ran across some error messages. My first instinct was to Google the error messages. When my searches didn’t return any helpful results, I did the next thing which was to enter the records into GP manually. When I did that, one of the errors was resolved. The others were trial and error to come up with the fix. Below are the results of my efforts to resolve the various errors during my imports.

Inventory Item Import:


Even though the Dynamics GP tables store the value as 6, SmartConnect does not recognize that value. Changing the value to 5 resolved the error message.

Cash Receipts Import:


Need to add the Apply Transactions Node to the Cash Receipts Node and make sure it is below the cash receipts node.

Payables Transaction Import


This error is caused by the account entry not allowed check box being mark in the Account Cards. Once that was unchecked, the record imported successfully.

Bonus Tip:

When integrating Payables or Receivables transactions, Integration Manager has a nice feature called “Default Non-Imported” that tells the system to use the default account setup in GP as the offset account for the entry.. SmartConnect does not have that as an option choice, but there is still a way to accomplish the same thing. Check out the following link to the eOne Blog for the answer.

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