How to Update Work Flow Status in Dynamics GP

By - April 27, 2018

Have you ever accidentally submitted a GL Batch for approval while setting up WorkFlow?  To correct the issue, you’ll need to update the workflow status of the GL Batch. You should be able to determine the pending action within the workflow by clicking the workflow button on the batch.

You can also use SQL scripts to locate and update the batch as follows:


UPDATE SY00500 SET Workflow_Status = ‘Y’ WHERE BACHNUMB = X

Replace X with the batch number in question and Y with the correct code from below:

  1. Not Submitted
  2. Submitted (Deprecated)
  3. No Action Needed
  4. Pending User Action
  5. Recalled
  6. Completed
  7. Rejected
  8. Workflow Ended (Deprecated)
  9. Not Activated
  10. Deactivated (Deprecated)


Derek Albaugh has written a great blog about Workflow including information on 2.0 tables, what each one does, and what information you can get from them for reporting purposes. Click here to read his take.

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By: Kelly Gray

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