Integrating “National Accounts” in Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM using Scribe

By - January 30, 2012

While integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics GP, I ran into a situation where I needed to:

  1. Be able to create new National Accounts in Dynamics GP from Dynamics CRM Accounts
  2. Populate a customer’s National Account (Parent Customer ID, CPRCSTNM).

National Account Creation

There was not an adapter object listed for national accounts object (RM00105) and after scavenging through the Dynamics GP database schema I was able to find a way to display the Dynamics GP eConnect Store Procedure taCreateParentID which when executed creates a new national accounts record for the existing customer record.

The first step was to expose this Stored Procedure through the Scribe workbench, so what I had to do was extend your use of stored procedures in Scribe, I added the stored procedures to the Scribe metadata tables.

To do this I had to add a record to KSYNCTABLESBASE within the Dynamics GP database, the following fields are required:

NOTE: It is always recommended to take a backup of your existing database before performing direct inserts

TABLENAME – stored procedure name

OWNER – stored procedure owner

TYPE – must be “target_sproc”



The TYPE column in KSYNCTABLESBASE must be set to one of the following: “target_sproc”, “source_sproc” or “other_sproc”. The current implementation only supports “target_sproc” stored procedures.

INTO dbo.KSyncTablesBase
(TableName, Owner, Type, Updatable, Hidden)
Values (‘taCreateParentID’, ‘dbo’, ‘target_sproc’,‘Y’,‘N’)

Scribe Job

After running this SQL script against the Dynamics GP database the Stored Procedure is now exposed and I am able to execute it within my Scribe Job.:

  • In this Scribe dts you can see I first update/insert the Dynamics GP customer, I then use a variable to capture the CustomerID from that record.
  • The next step is to seek for the existing national account
    • If one exists the job ends
    • If no record exists for the corresponding customer ID I then execute the stored procedure.
  • I pass the CustomerID variable from step 1 to the CPRCSTNM field and it will successfully create a new national account record in Dynamics GP.


Associating the Child to the Parent

My second job is to then insert/create a new customer record in Dynamics GP and assign it to an existing parent customer/National Account.


You can see in the scribe dts above I first seek to find the Parent Customer ID listed on the Dynamics CRM account and use a variable to capture that value.

I then tried simply passing that value to the Parent Customer ID field on the customer object in the Dynamics GP adapter, but the parent-child relationship was not created.

After some digging I found the virtual field “Create or Remove Parent Customer” which indicated that if I pass the value of 0 will enable the assignment of the newly created customer to a parent customer, and this worked!


By: Bill Caldwell – Colorado Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner

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Bill Caldwell is a director and lead Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant in the Denver, Colorado practice.  Bill is a certified Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant and specializes in customizations, reports, customized queries and integrations.  Bill is an active member of the Dynamics community since joining RSM in 2007.  Bill is also experienced with the Microsoft development suites, which includes SQL Server, Visual Studio.Net and SQL Server Reporting Services.  Prior to this, Bill spent five years working in industry as an accountant and financial analyst. Contact Information: Email: Phone: 303.298.6465 Follow Bill on Google+

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