Inventory Lots and IV Reconcile in Dynamics GP

By - April 27, 2017

What do you do if you haven’t run IV Reconcile after checking “Enable multiple bins” in Inventory Control Setup and you are Lot tracking your inventory?

If you checked “Enable multiple bins” and did not run IV Reconcile (Inventory>>Utilities>>Reconcile) immediately after enabling multiple bins, and started processing transactions in GP, running IV Reconcile will create new lot numbers if GP detects missing lot numbers.  The new lot number will be named RECONCILE: plus a number.  For example, “RECONCILE:0000000001”.

If you don’t want to use the numbers that have been added or if the inventory is incorrect, decrease transactions will need to be entered in the Item Transaction Entry window in order to reverse those entries created by the reconcile process.  Increase adjustments can be entered if necessary with the correct lot numbers if the quantity on hand was correct with the initial reconcile entries.

This blog is going to focus on creating the decrease transactions only.

One caveat, always, always, always have a RESTORABLE backup, in case something undesirable occurs and try this on a test server or test company first. Please use these queries with caution.

If you are using Sales Order Processing then run the below query to check to make sure there are no “RECONCILE” lots allocated on your orders.  If there are, then reallocate those line items in the Sales Lot Number Entry window before creating the decrease transactions.


Below is the query that can be used to locate all the “RECONCILE” lot numbers and create the decrease adjustment file for import into GP using either Integration Manager or eOne’s SmartConnect.  Note:  The Batch name column can be renamed as desired.


Here is a sample of the results the query should return:


After running the query, copy the file into Excel to use as your import into GP using the tool of your choice, review and then post the batch.  You now have successfully backed out those “RECONCILE” lot transactions.  Congratulations!

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by Danielle Edie for RSM

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