Management Reporter – DataMart Rebuild & Reconfiguring Change Tracking

By - May 17, 2021

If you’ve discovered missing or bad data on your Management Reporter reports or have some other reason that you need to rebuild the DataMart, one thing that’s often forgotten is to “Reconfigure Change Tracking”.

If you’re rebuilding the DataMart, this is a great blog post to reference.

However, one thing that’s missing from this post and many others like it is the option to Reconfigure Change Tracking.  You should actually do this step after you click on Disable Integration:

Once stopped, click on Reconfigure Change Tracking:

Enter the sa credentials:

Then continue on with the remainder of the steps.  This will prevent any issues when you get to the point of re-enabling the integration and it’s taking forever to complete.  (Reminder: The initial integration can take from 5-10 minutes or several hours) During the initial integration, view the log files to determine if there are further issues.

If you find any errors regarding Change Tracking, disable the integration, and use the procedure recommended in this post to reconfigure change tracking. Then continue with the remainder of the steps to rebuild the DataMart. This time, when you begin the Enable integration process, it should finish without errors.

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