Microsoft Dynamics GP – Error “Asset ID is required.”

By - May 12, 2021

The user attempted to delete a Fixed Asset in GP and received an error message that the “Asset ID is required.” This message indicates you have an asset record in the tables that has a blank asset ID.  See the steps below to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. In SQL Server Man1agement Studio run the script below against the Company Database to find the asset:

**This will find the Asset with the blank Asset ID.  Make note of the Asset Index number.

  1. Run the queries below to see if the asset exists in these tables:

***Replace XXXX with the Asset Index found in the first query

  1. You can then either update the Asset ID in the FA00100 or delete the Asset out of the SQL tables.
    • If you want to update the Asset ID, and keep the Asset, run the following script to determine the DEX_ROW_ID for the record that has a blank Asset ID

    • Next update the Asset ID by run the following script to update the record:

    • If you would just like to delete the asset from the SQL tables, run the following scripts:

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