Microsoft Dynamics GP – Fixed Asset screen freezing

By - March 5, 2018

Occasionally, RSM receives reports from clients that their Microsoft Dynamics GP fixed asset screen is experiencing stalling, or freezing altogether. In one instance, the user had attempted to run depreciation when the progress bar hung. The user was forced to end the GP task.

There are times when the depreciation routine is interrupted due to a loss of network connectivity, but most often the issue occurs because it gets stuck on one of the assets that is either damaged or incorrectly configured.  Fortunately, Microsoft Dynamics GP now has a window where you can view the progress of the Depreciation Routine. To access this window, follow the following path:

Inquiry -> Fixed Assets -> Show Progress

Next, we opened the window and ran depreciation again. Sure enough the progress screen showed the broken asset record when the depreciation stopped.

After examining the Asset Book Card, we found that the values in the window were incorrectly configured. We then modified the Depreciation Method, saved the Asset Book Card, and selected the option to Re-calculate the Year when prompted.

Note:  If you find the asset has missing information or appears damaged, you can select the option for ‘No Depreciation’ so that it will not be included in the depreciation run until the damage can be further investigated and corrected. 

If the depreciation book is already selected and the process button is grey you will need to run this script against the company database:

  • Select * from FA40203
  • Delete FA40203

This solution is applicable to GP versions 2013 and beyond. When solving for this process in the future, always create a backup when deleting or modifying records.

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By: Ashwyn Sangha

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