What does the Microsoft GP 2015 R2 release mean to the Dynamics GP user?

By - June 9, 2015

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 was just released. So what does that mean to the Dynamics GP user?  At a high level, you are seeing Microsoft’s continuing investment in the Dynamics GP product.  But what about the features?  Three of the best features from my standpoint that are being rolled out in this release are AP workflow, Employee Self Service Benefit Enrollment and W-2s.

AP Workflow will allow you to setup workflow around your payables transactions.  No more chasing signatures around the office.  If you haven’t already started to use the new workflows then this is a great reason to start. The AP clerk enters the transaction, attaches the document and sends it through an approval workflow.  Once the transaction is approved it can be posted and paid.  The history of approvals is retained in Dynamics GP.  This is a features a lot of my clients have been requesting.

Are you using Payroll and or Human Resources?  While these modules used to be an additional charge, they aren’t any longer.  Upgrade to Dynamics GP 2013 or higher and they are part of the standard install.  What’s even greater is they’ve created a new Dynamics GP User type called a Self Service User.  The licensing for these additional users are very economical and allows the employee to enter their time, change some of their personal information, update their W-4, and view their paystubs. In this newest release, you can add Benefit Self Service (if you are using Advanced HR) and you can allow the Employees to view and print their W-2s.  Traditionally, we have seen a lot of our clients outsource their payroll, but these new features are so compelling we are seeing that change.  Remember if it’s the tax filing that you are concerned about, there is a great third party solution for that as well.

Some additional features and things to think about in the new release:

  • ACA (Affordable Care Act) year-end reporting
  • Automatically Deposit Cash Receipts to Bank Module
  • All-In-One Document View for PO
  • Receipt and Invoice Match
  • Historical Received But Not Invoiced Report
  • Smartlist displays Debit field before Credit field
  • And much more

Microsoft is running a series on the new features,  https://community.dynamics.com/gp/b/dynamicsgp/archive/2015/05/25/draft-microsoft-dynamics-gp-2015-r2-new-features-blog-series-schedule.  If you have additional questions, just reach out to your RSM Dynamics GP Consultant and they can demo these new features or answer any additional questions.

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By: Patty Taylor – Colorado Microsoft Dynamics GP partner

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