Reporting Access for Everyone with Microsoft Dynamics GP

By - June 4, 2013

I help many of my clients evaluate Microsoft Dynamics GP, and one area that is extremely important in their eyes is reporting.  Prior to the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, I would spend a considerable amount of time on the front end helping them tally reporting-only users.  I realized that despite our efforts to finalize the user count, the truth is everyone needs to see reports.  If we’re going to implement a robust, advanced ERP system, we shouldn’t be limited by user count for just viewing reports.

Fortunately, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 includes an unlimited number of Management Reporter Designer and Viewer Users, as well as an unlimited number of Business Portal Users.  The incredible value of Dynamics GP 2013 (besides these users being free) is that the user count discussion is off the table for reporting users.  Our clients can now create and deploy reports for accessibility by anyone given the permission to view them.  Couple the unlimited reporting users with unlimited Human Resources and Payroll Employees, and we’re talking major ROI for organizations running Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.

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By: Steven Alvater – New Jersey Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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