Solving Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Unable to Enter Invoice against PO Receipt Issue

By - February 10, 2014

I recently had a repeat support request.  That is, same issue but from a different client.  So, I thought I would post the resolution for the benefit of others:


User is trying to use the Enter/Match invoicing window in Microsoft Dynamics GP (also known as the Purchasing Invoice Entry window) to enter a vendor invoice against a previously posted PO Receipt.  This is in the Dynamics GP Purchase Order Processing (POP) module.  However, the user is unable to apply against the receipt.  Dynamics GP indicates that the receipt has already been invoiced.

Potential Cause:

If the user is entering an Enter/Match invoice against a PO receipt and Dynamics GP crashes before the user is able to save the invoice, the invoice will be in an unrecoverable state in the work tables.  The receipt will show as invoiced, and the user will not be able to reopen the failed invoice for posting.


The reason Dynamics GP does not allow the opening of the stranded POP Invoice is because the Vendor ID (VENDORID) column in the POP Receipt Work table (POP10300) is blank.  All that is required is to fill in the appropriate Vendor ID in the POP10300 table so the invoice can be opened and VOIDED.  Do not try to post the recovered invoice.

Steps for Correction:

  1. Query the POP10500 table for the purchase order in question, looking for which shipments have been received against the PO:
    WHERE PONUMBER = ‘PO Related to Problem Invoice/Receipt’
  2. Query the POP10600 table for the receipt you found in step 1, seeing if there’s an invoice matched against it:
    WHERE POPRCTNM = ‘Receipt number (POPRCTNM) Identified in Step 1’
  3. Query the POP10300 (PO Receipt header) table to see if the invoice you found is in an unposted state, and if the VENDORID column of the POP10300 table is indeed blank:
    WHERE POPRCTNM = ‘Invoice Number (POPIVCNO) identified in step 2’
  4. Update the POP10300 table to fill in the Vendor ID:
    UPDATE POP10300 SET VENDORID = ‘Vendor ID (VENDORID) from step 1’
    WHERE POPRCTNM = ‘Invoice Number (POPIVCNO) identified in step 2’
  5. Inside of GP:
    1. Open the stranded invoice via the Enter/Match Invoice window (Microsoft Dynamics GP>>Transactions>>Purchasing>>Enter/Match Invoice)
    2. Void the invoice.  (do not attempt to save or post)

This is the most common solution for the issue “can’t apply against a PO receipt”.

And guess what . . .  this same issue happens on the SOP side, where inventory is allocated and inventory reconcile does not remove the allocation.  It is often related to a stranded order or invoice in the SOP10100 table.  Use this same method to fill in the customer number (CUSTNMBR) column to recover the transaction so it can be voided.

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By: Ron Draganowski – Minnesota Microsoft Dynamics GP partner

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