Unknown Dictionary Error in Dynamics GP

By - March 17, 2020

One of the most common errors we receive on our help desk is the “Unknown Dictionary” error, usually occurring when users attempt to log into GP.  This error may indicate an issue with the Microsoft Dynamics GP reports dictionary or one of the third party reports dictionaries.

First, determine if all users are receiving the error.  If so, the problem is more than likely related to a change in the location of the dictionary file.  In this case, check the path in the Dynamics.set file, usually located in the following folder:  C:/Program Files X86/Microsoft Dynamics/GP20XX.  Locate the Dynamics.set file, and open it in NotePad.  Scroll down to the pathing section and check the path of the reports.dic:


This path normally points to a shared location on your server such as:


Browse out to the path listed in the set file, and make sure the file exists in that exact location.  Check carefully to make sure that nothing in the path is misspelled and that the file is not hidden within another folder on the GPShare or another folder entirely.  It is possible the file was moved to another different location from the one referenced in the set file.

Also, check to make sure that users have the proper permissions (minimum of Read/Write) to the location specified for the application, the forms, the reports, or the third-party dictionaries.

Recreate the file

If you have verified the paths and the permissions are correct, try re-creating the Dynamics.set file using the following steps:

Scenario 1 – If Dynamics GP is loaded locally on each user’s workstation or on one or more application servers accessed by all users, and one server is working, do the following steps:

  1. Rename the current Dynamics.set file on the non-working machine.
  2. Copy over the Dynamics.set file from another machine that contains the same modules and does not receive the error.
    Note:  You will want to compare the dynamics set files of the machines. If the location of the code folder of Microsoft Dynamics GP differs between workstations, you may need to make additional modifications to the pathing of the dictionary files in the new Dynamics.set file.

Scenario 2 – If there is only one application server where GP is loaded, try restoring a backup of the GP code folder prior to when the error was received.

Other options

The problem could also be related to a damaged Dynamics.dic file rather than the Dynamics.set file.  If recreating the set file does not resolve the issue and another computer is working correctly, copy the Dynamics.dic file from the working computer to the computer that is experiencing the error message.

If the error message persists, trying disabling the third-party dictionaries one by one from the set file. See the KB article for steps on how to disable third-party products in the Dynamics.set file: 872087 How to disable third-party products in the Dynamics.set file in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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