Update to the Intercompany Processing function in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

By - December 18, 2014

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, Microsoft is making an effort to address some of the limitations of Dynamics GP’s intercompany feature. One of the limitations I mentioned in my original post, Intercompany Processing in Microsoft Dynamics GP, was that once an intercompany transaction is posted, you can’t see the destination company entries in the originating company and vice versa. A new Intercompany button has been added to the Journal Entry Inquiry window that allows users to view the intercompany distributions and removes the limitation.

Intercompany Processing in Microsoft Dynamics GP 3

One thing I did notice in testing this feature was that if the destination company’s account format is different than the originating company’s, the accounts do not display properly in the new window.

Intercompany Processing in Microsoft Dynamics GP 4

Another limitation that I didn’t mention was that, in previous versions, if a user voided an intercompany AP voucher in the originating company, they needed to login to the destination company and enter a journal entry to keep the due to/from in balance. Dynamics GP 2015 corrects that by automatically creating a correcting entry in the destination company when voiding the transaction in the originating company. A dialog box appears in the Void Open Payables Transactions window when the intercompany document is selected.

Intercompany Processing in Microsoft Dynamics GP 5

Unfortunately, they did not improve general ledger functionality by making the backout and correct feature available for intercompany entries. You’ll still have to correct intercompany journal entries by manually entering the correction.

All things considered, the new intercompany features are welcome improvements, but significant limitations remain.

Please leave a comment if you have further questions about this functionality.  If you are looking for a partner to support your Dynamics GP solutions, RSM has been implementing Microsoft Dynamics ERP Business Solutions for more than 30 years and provides a full range of Microsoft Dynamics services.  Please contact us at erp@mcgladrey.com for more information on intercompany or any of the other features of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

By: Hans Wulczyn – Pennsylvania Microsoft Dynamics GP partner

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