When and why to upgrade your Microsoft Dynamics GP system

By - June 16, 2015

Clients upgrade their Microsoft Dynamics GP system for many reasons. For some, it’s to keep in compliance with payroll taxes and other wage and benefit changes (think Affordable Care Act). For others, it’s a needed hot fix included in a major release or a desire to be on a version that has mainstream support from Microsoft. I am seeing a lot of our clients upgrading as a result of their IT departments completing needed upgrades to servers and operating systems. The discontinuation of support for XP and Windows Server 2003 and, therefore, discontinuation of security patches, has resulted in a lot of companies scrambling to update their servers and their workstations. Older versions of Dynamics GP and Microsoft SQL are not always compatible with the new operating systems on updated servers. IT has been a major driver for companies needing to come face to face with the decision to upgrade their financial system. The accounting and finance department are usually the last group in the company to spend money on technology advances but there are many reasons to take advantage of the technology available with the latest versions of Dynamics GP:

  • User friendly interface – the financial system works the same way and has the same look and feel as the other Windows applications employees use
  • Enhancements in reporting such as SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS reports) and Excel based reports make it easier to get information out of the system.
  • SSRS reporting also provides for consolidating information across multiple Microsoft SQL applications
  • Enhanced document attach features provide for scanned documents and electronic files to all be in one place – not saved on various servers, workstations and in file cabinets
  • The ability to email statements, reports and attachments directly out of the system. No need to “save” documents elsewhere and then attach to an email
  • Built in Workflow to automate approvals and other processes
  • Dynamics GP Web client makes moving your current Dynamics GP to the “cloud” easier
  • As we use more and more technological devices, be it our phone, TV or gaming device, employees expect all our apps to work in the same manner.

As technology improves, so do the applications that run on that updated technology. Efficiencies can be gained. Better information and analysis can be attained more timely. Ease of use results in less frustration in the completion of routine day to day tasks. All this provides more time to focus on driving a successful business.

RSM is a nationally recognized Microsoft Dynamics partner. To learn more about your Dynamics GP upgrade options, contact our professionals at erp@rsmus.com or by phone at 855.437.7202.

By: Pat Smith – Pennsylvania Microsoft Dynamics GP partner


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