Vendor/Customer Modifier and/or Combiner in Dynamics GP

By - October 26, 2016

Have you ever created a new vendor and realized weeks later that you had already created that vendor under another vendor ID?  Wouldn’t it be nice to combine these two vendors?

Have you ever had a customer change their name and you would like the customer ID to adequately represent the new name?  Wouldn’t it be helpful to be able to modify that customer ID?

Well now you can!  And you can do it without buying any third party tools from ISVs.

GP2013 introduced both Vendor Combiner and Modifier and Customer Combiner and Modifier which gives Dynamics GP users with admin privileges the ability to combine two vendors or customers or change vendor or customer IDs.

In order to make these changes in your company database:

  1. You must be logged in as sa or DYNSA
  2. All users should be logged out of the system
  3. It is recommended that you make a backup of your database in case you make a mistake or something goes wrong

Purchasing >> Utilities >> Vendor Combiner and Modifier

 Use the Vendor Combiner and Modifier window to combine a vendor ID (source vendor ID) with another existing vendor ID (destination vendor ID) or to change an existing vendor ID to a new vendor ID.  If you want to combine or modify many vendor IDs you can do this in mass via an import.  For example, if you are want to change 2500 current vendor IDs to 2500 new vendor IDs one at a time, you can setup the current vendor ID and the new vendor ID in a two-column spreadsheet.

If you select Vendor Combiner, the source vendor ID is removed from the system when the combine process is finished. Work, open and history records are combined to the destination vendor ID.

If you select Vendor Modifier, all work, open, and history records are updated. You do not have to manually enter a new vendor ID and reenter all open invoices.

Modifying or Combining one vendor

  • Select the process you wish to complete – combine or modify
  • Select the source vendor ID
  • If you are combining, select the destination vendor ID (vendor must already exist)
  • If you are modifying, enter the new vendor ID
  • Select process

NOTE:  The same currency ID must be assigned to the source and destination vendor IDs

Modifying many vendors via a file import

  • Select the file icon and map out to the file you created
  • Select the validate button
  • Use the remove or remove all buttons to remove vendor IDs from the list
  • Select process

Sales >> Utilities >> Customer Combiner and Modifier

 The same set of criteria above for vendors holds true for customers

Preparing a spreadsheet to combine or modify

  • Enter the existing vendor/customer ID in the first column
  • Enter the new or destination vendor/customer ID in the second column
  • Save the spreadsheet as a .csv file

NOTE:  no headers in the spreadsheet

Keep in mind however there is NO GOING BACK (unless you restore from your backup).  Also you can’t do partial combinations, meaning ALL transactions associated with the vendor or customer are either combined or modified.

Happy modifying and/or combining!

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by Tracy Jo Dance for RSM




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