Enrollment to RSAT 101

By - February 20, 2020

During my initial experience with the Regression Suite Automation Tool (RSAT) in training, I felt overwhelmed and confused. Coming from a functional background, I felt that RSAT was more so a tool for technical consultants but soon learned otherwise. After rolling off my first project, I was reintroduced to RSAT and brought on to build out one of our core accelerators for finance. With merely having a small window of exposure to testing finance modules while at a client’s site, I quickly realized just how beneficial this tool would have been and how critical it was for each consultant to be knowledge of moving forward.

What is it like to work with RSAT?

Throughout my time working with RSAT, I have not only been able to become more familiar with the tool but also better educated on working with D365. Creating user guides and testing suites has grown both my system and industry knowledge of how we help our clients. It has given me an all-inclusive outlook on how to better problem-solve and think from the client’s perspective. While helping build suites, I have also taken on responsibilities to help educate others on the tool through our RSAT Training Workshops. Sitting in these classes and hearing managers who have been in the field for years say, “Why aren’t we using this at our client?!” is shocking to hear and has helped me realize how much people need to be educated on RSAT.

RSAT’s value add

While RSAT can be intimidating at first, the core process of how this tool operates is quite simple. Through creating user-guided task recordings, a few license requirements and help from some industry experts, RSAT is a streamlined approach to system testing. With my newfound understanding of this value-adding tool and Latha’s passion for RSAT, we decided that, like RSAT, we too also needed to educate people faster and better on the ins and outs of this tool’s capabilities and how to get started. By teaming up with resources in RSM’s Technology Academy, we are set to launch a hands-on, self-passed E-learning to help educate consultants and clients on how to install, operate and run the RSAT tool. I’m excited to be helping out with effort and even get our new hire class involved. It’s a rewarding opportunity to be working on a project of this nature and I’m grateful to be working with such a supportive team!

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