Facial Recognition Sign In with Microsoft Power Apps

By - February 19, 2020

Facial recognition sign in with Power Apps

Hi, this George Casey and I’m here in the technology experience center. Today, wanted to talk a little bit about some of the potential we see with power apps and flow or what Microsoft refers to as the Power Platform. So what’s so exciting about people making investments in kind of the Microsoft ecosystem is how these things can be interconnected. We can take advantage of different investments that a lot of IT departments have made in a Microsoft platform. So in this case, we’re using a power app to use facial recognition to be able to register folks into a meeting, into a trade show booth, whatever it might have that’s going to leverage other systems and other data sources to be able to validate and verify, “Hey, do we indeed know this person?” Check them into the meeting, and then create some follow up steps. So in this case, we’ve got a power app that has the ability to take the picture.

It compares against the LinkedIn photo against our contact database to see, “Hey, do we know this person already? And if so, we’re going to provide them an opportunity to confirm their contact info.” From there, we’re going to leverage multiple flows that can both create an outlook message to send to the individual. We’re going to print a name tag for the individual as if they’re checking into a meeting, and we’re going to create both a activity in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement, kind of a CRM activity for follow up, as well as a contact or account record in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations where we’re kind of tracking our master customer list. So all of those kind of components and flows can be fired from this one master power app. So I’m going to start the demo. I’m going to go ahead and take a picture, which is leveraging my webcam, and then leveraging the Microsoft faced API, apply some facial recognition, artificial intelligence to say, “Yes. Do we indeed know this person?”

In this case, it says, “Hello, George Casey. Thanks for visiting again. Please click next to validate your contact information.” So as I click next, because I’ve been here before, it recognized my name, it’s going to give me an opportunity to confirm all of my key demographic information that the firm’s tracking on me. From here, I can print a name tag label, which will then allow me kind of access into the building. And if I toggle over to my email, I see, “Hey, I got an email from… That says, thanks for visiting the RSM technology experience center. We have a lot of details around the individual technologies that we discussed today in this meeting.” So again, just a quick example about how we’re leveraging a lot of existing Microsoft capability, but tying it all together with the power platform to create a really seamless experience for our users and customers. Thank you.

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