Leverage Dynamics Remote Assist with Field Service

By - March 2, 2020

Have you ever had a technician working out in the field that was not able to complete the work due to a lack of resources or knowledge? This issue can be eliminated with the use of Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and seamless integration with Field Service. Using Remote Assist, technicians can call remote experts in real-time to be able to troubleshoot their issues. With video chat, the technician can show the expert the problem and be able to highlight the precise location of where the issue is occurring.

Experts can view the “drawings” that the technician placed on the object and edit them as well as placing “drawings” of their own. You can also send and receive Microsoft Teams messages during the call, which assists the technician if they are in a noisy environment. Both of these features will allow the technician and the expert to troubleshoot and resolve the problem faster.

Once the call is complete and the issue has been resolved, the technician can post the call information to an active work order such as date, time, and call duration, allowing technicians to analyze recurrences in problems. Remote Assist is currently available on Apple and Android devices and can also be enabled for Microsoft HoloLens.

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By: Rachel SpinlerMicrosoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement

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