Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 spring release at a glimpse

By - April 28, 2015

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 spring release AKA Vega will launch in Q2 2015 and promises some great new tools for your Dynamics CRM toolkit.  The really big news for the spring Dynamics CRM release wave is the integration of Parature, a leading cloud-based customer engagement software acquired by Microsoft last year.  Parature’s knowledge management capability which allows users to search and receive automated messages is the starting point for this dynamic duo. This functionality comes out of the box for Dynamics CRM 2015 online with this release. Moving forward Microsoft will continue to introduce Parature customer care capabilities in upcoming Dynamics CRM releases with an ultimate goal of creating an innovative customer service solution.

How can you take advantage of Parature? Once your Dynamics CRM Administrator has set up Knowledge Base Management in Dynamics CRM users will be able to connect to Parature and its comprehensive information.  Knowledge management search controls become available for use on Dynamics CRM entity forms including custom entities; these customizations enable users to search for knowledge base articles in Parature within a Dynamics CRM record.

Another exciting component of the spring release is the offer of seamless OneNote integration. While out of the box Dynamics CRM features are limited to storing notes in plain text and allowing files to be attached, an OneNote integration arms users with OneNote features without ever leaving Dynamics CRM.   OneNote enhances the Notes entity with its photo capture, voice notes, real-time collaboration, embed pictures and Excel spreadsheet features as well as the ability to add notes in OneNote and have those directly available within Dynamics CRM.

What about mobility? Every Microsoft Dynamics CRM license includes access to mobile phone apps at no additional cost. With the spring release Microsoft introduces a new Dynamics CRM for Phones App which boasts a newly designed intuitive interface created with the user tablet experience in mind.

The new release brings with it numerous feature and navigational improvements. One of the slick new features allows users to embed analytical spreadsheets directly from Excel into Dynamics CRM as their own dashboards.  Another offering is the streamlined Excel Export feature allowing export anytime to almost anywhere.

From a navigational perspective, Microsoft addresses user concern regarding scrolling navigation items and a cluttered screen look. Now when you navigate to a Dynamics CRM work area the user is presented with Item Icons which are Role Driven.

CRM 2015 Spring Release at a Glimpse 1

For a complete list of release features, check out the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Release Preview Guide.  For other information on Microsoft Dynamics CRM news, subscribe to our Dynamics Community News publication.

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By: Kathie Bennie – Pennsylvania Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner


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