Office 365 – Document Life Cycle

By - February 1, 2018

Document Life Cycle is the process and set of various stages that a document goes through when a new document is created, reviewed, approved, and published for consumption. Office 365 has many competing apps with similar features, which causes confusion as to which app to select for different stages in the document life cycle. This post explains the different stages, and various apps available to use for each stage when a new document is created and published.

Different stages of a document

Draft / Private Mode

When a document is created for first time, it is in the draft state. It takes time for the initial creation of the document, and is usually created by a single person. This is the draft state or sometime referred as Private Mode. Office 365 apps OneDrive and Team Site are the best tools to begin a document while it remains in the Draft state.

Collaborate / “In Progress” / Draft

Next, the document needs review, contribution, and revision by the multiple members within the same team, department, or function within the organization depending on the nature of the document. This is the Collaborate / “In Progress” state. This can be referred as draft state as well, since it is not ready to be published. Office 365 apps Microsoft Team, Outlook Groups, and Yammer are the best places to start the collaboration on the document and enable input of multiple team members to ensure the completeness of the document.

Published or Shared

Finally, the document is approved and published for consumption across the enterprise. This is the Published or Shared state. Office 365 apps SharePoint publishing site, Communication site, or a Portal site are the best places to publish or share the final document.

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