Scribe Online Adapter convert to Azure AD – Client Credentials

By - June 9, 2021


  • D365 online
  • Scribe Insight 7.9.5 or newer
  • Scribe Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 562 HF 14
  • Azure AD App with Client Secret

Upgrade to Scribe Insight 7.9.5

Navigate to TIBCO Scribe® Insight V7.9.5 Release Notes and download pdf for instructions on upgrading to version 7.9.5 if you are on an older version

Install Hotfix 14

Tibco has published steps for installing HF14, the linked document will repeat the following screenshot steps:

  1. Close the Workbench, pause active Integration Processes, close the Console, and stop the Scribe Services.
  2. Open SQL Management Studio and run the following query on the SCRIBEINTERNAL database:
  3. Extract the contents of the zip file to a folder on the Scribe Insight server.
  4. Right-click on the InstallCRM562.cmd file and select Run As Administrator.
  5. Follow the normal CRM Adapter installation prompts.
  6. Restart the Scribe services.
  7. If using Message Processing/Queue based integrations
    1. From Dynamics CRM, remove the CRM Plugins and Plugin Assembly via Settings > Customizations.
    2. See this knowledge article for instructions: Removing the Scribe Plugins from CRM UI:
    3. Start the Console, reconnect the Scribe CRM Publisher to CRM, and click Apply. This will recreate the Plugins.
  8. Activate Integration Processes as needed.

Create Azure AD Application User

  1. Sign into
  2. Search for App registrations
  3. Create a New Registration
  4. Give your app a name. Select Single Tenant then Register
    • This name will be the name of the Application user in dynamics and will appear in the Modified By/Created by field of records modified by scribe
  5. Copy the Application (Client) ID and save it somewhere (you will need this to create an application user and when updating the scribe connection adapters
  6. Navigate to API permissions and add the Dynamics CRM -> user_impersonation permission to the App
  7. Navigate to Certificates & Secrets, create a New Client Secret
    • Select the longest expiration date and remember that you will have to create a new secret when this one expires
  1. Copy the Secret Value **Important you will not be able to return to this page to get the secret, this is your only opportunity to record the secret value

Create Application users in your Dynamics Environments

  1. Navigate to advanced settings -> Security -> Users

  2. Change the current view to Application users, after changing the view
  3. Create New user, then switch the form to the Application User form

  4. Enter the Client ID from the Azure AD App in the Application ID field, then Save
  5. Assign required security roles to the user, (probably system admin)

Update Scribe Connections

  1. Open the Scribe Workbench, Click on the Connection button
  2. Sort by type, one at a time, open all Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CRM connections
  3. Click Connect… Select Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CRM then click OK
  4. Change the connection settings, then click OK
    • Deployment = Azure AD – Client Credentials
    • Server URL = D365 online URL
    • Client ID = Application (client) ID from the Azure AD app
    • Client Secret = Secret from Azure AD App

Resume Integration Processes

  1. Return to the Scribe console and resume any required Integration processes

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