The Miami Heat are using Microsoft technology to change the customer experience

By - October 1, 2020

As the Miami Heat march through the playoffs, their fans hang on every shot, dunk, and block.  Microsoft technology has helped the Heat Organization build incredible connections to their fans who are the lifeblood of the brand, very similar to our retail clients. The Heat is a product and the organization must constantly monitor how that product is resonating with its customer base. Identifying what is working, what isn’t working, and what needs to be modified in order to work better should be the goal of all retail organizations, especially in this critical time where the fight for consumer loyalty and revenue means staying in business or closing the doors.

The key components of the Miami Heat Microsoft technology framework that allows for this ability to make such informed decisions are Customer Insights, PowerApps, Dynamics 365, Azure, and PowerBI. RSM has worked with many retail clients to implement these technology components to drive the type of artificial intelligence about their customer bases that enhances the overall experience.

How do they work together?

Utilizing personalized outbound messages and offers that are tailored to the right customer, at the right time, about the right products and services is key to maximizing the interaction between a company and its customers. Implementing Customer Insights allows us to take data from various data sources (in the case of the Miami Heat, their tickets, fan entry into the arena, loyalty program data, purchase locations, and sizes) and build customer profiles. These allow for hyper-focused data-driven intelligence for sellers and retailers which translates to less wasted time and maximum revenue generation because you are able to give customers exactly what they want at the time they want it.

By implementing Dynamics Business applications on the Azure cloud platform and using PowerBI to aggregate and analyze the transaction sales data, we are able to identify and capitalize on patterns that may have been overlooked. Given the Heat have a cyclical nature to their offering (an NBA season), their data can be broken down by home games vs. specific opponents. The predictive analytics allow companies to forecast at a much more granular level to make each customer interaction mean the most. In addition, cross-sell and upsell opportunities exist in many transactional data sets that clients miss due to the inability to connect the dots. Ensuring that the right product is in the right place at the right time for the right customer can be the difference between a customer having a positive experience or sharing their bad experience with other people who may never become customers due to the story of dissatisfaction. We use sentiment analysis as an input to create customer service cases that take a potentially negative outcome and turn it into an experience that fosters loyalty and turns that customer into a seller of the brand.

How can RSM help?

As one of the top Microsoft partners in the world, RSM has the ability to solve the complex issues that retailers face when it comes to driving sales behavior and servicing an ever-changing customer model.  Our teams work together to connect the Microsoft technology that has taken the Miami Heat franchise value from $425M in 2011 to $2B in 2020.  Let us help you take home whatever trophy you’re chasing.

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