Enabling Users to Work Remotely with NetSuite

By - March 16, 2020

NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP, users are enabled to work from home without sacrificing productivity, which is especially critical as we face the Global Pandemic of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). If you are currently using NetSuite or considering moving to a cloud ERP, there are several considerations and ways to leverage NetSuite to facilitate users to work effectively while working remotely.

Uninterrupted accounting and business processes

  • If laptops are not available to all users at your organization, simply by being able to access NetSuite via a web browser can enable your workforce to use home laptops/desktop
  • Enable users to access NetSuite from a Mobile Device if at home computer access is not possible, or your team is traveling without computer access
  • Leverage dashboard reminders to notify users when to take action, or review records necessary to complete job functions and keep your accounting processes running
  • An example can be approval of sales orders, invoices, or bills

Understand your business trends quickly, so you are able to act proactively versus reactively

  • Run real-time reporting, as transactions are posted to see your businesses performance
  • Leverage dashboard KPI’s to alert teams of trends that may be impacting business
  • An example can be Sales or AR Aging Trends

Assign tasks that are not a part of standard business workflows

  • Leverage Activities to communicate and assign tasks in NetSuite, providing due dates and priorities
  • An example of this could be for assigning a Collections team member to follow up with a customer regarding open AR, or assigning period close tasks

Get answers about client communication without walking to your team members desk

  • Leverage NetSuite’s Communication tab on records to see your team and your client’s communication, without having to follow up directly with team members

Please let us know if you are currently facing challenges with enabling your workforce to work remotely, or have questions on how to best leverage NetSuite to solve those challenges. To learn more about how RSM can help during this time, please visit our Coronavirus Resource Center>

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