Working From Home With Sage Intacct

By - April 14, 2020

When you’re working from home, accessing everything you need to do your job can be challenging. If your business uses on-premises software, it can be challenging for your finance and IT team to implement, transition, access and perform required business functions.

Using cloud-based software such as Sage Intacct means you can access your company’s real-time financial data from anywhere at any time, as long as you can connect to the Internet. No matter where your employees are, your accounting team can enter bills and receive payments, while the executive team is still able to run dashboards and see data in real-time. This allows decision-makers to make decisions at home or on the go to continue to manage and run your business operations.

Companies using Sage Intacct are well prepared for their employees to work from home without any special accommodations or equipment. But the benefits of working remotely with Sage Intacct stretch beyond being ready to work from home at a moment’s notice.

How your company can benefit from regular remote work

Perks for employees who do their jobs from a home office include reduced commute times, flexible schedules and a chance to concentrate without external interruptions. With cloud technology, your company can have the unique opportunity to provide your employee with the added flexibility of working remotely when needed, while also having the potential to save on overhead costs such as office space.  Your business may also be able to cut its tech support costs because Sage Intacct’s quarterly updates are a breeze. On-premise systems generally require IT infrastructure and maintenance that can be costly.

Compliance and security for Sage Intacct are both handled by the provider, leaving you with fewer concerns, unlike on-premises systems that require on-site security. For companies that deal with sensitive data, Sage Intacct offers support for HIPAA and GDPR compliance, certified as HIPAA- and HITECH-compliant by Avertium, which can help keep peace of mind that you can meet strict regulatory requirements.

Increased productivity and automated processes

Working remotely can also lead to greater productivity, which Sage Intacct supports with automated processes and shortcuts to help you save time. For example, in the procure-to-pay cycle, both requisitions and approvals can be done in Sage Intacct without the need for meetings or even a conversation. Employees don’t have to print any files, because Sage Intacct has email and reporting capabilities that make physical copies unnecessary. Sage Intacct Collaborate enables teams from finance, sales and/or services to cooperate on many facets of the application together and communicate right inside the application.

If an approval is needed for a purchase order, it can be done from a cell phone, laptop or desktop computer, whether the employee is working in their home office or on the road. The purchase order can be checked against the budget with Sage Intacct Spend Management.

When an invoice from a vendor is received, it can be added to the system manually or input automatically through one of the solutions from the Sage Intacct Marketplace. The payment for the invoice can then be paid with ACH or wire transfer with Sage Intacct. Alternatively, several Sage Intacct Marketplace Partners have seamless and automated payment processing solutions that avoid having to be in the office to physically print and send checks. There’s no need for visits to the bank or even a trip to the mailbox.

Bank reconciliation can also be performed from home offices, without printing a bank statement. If you subscribe to the Banking and Payment Cloud, you can pull banking data from your company’s account directly into Sage Intacct and reconcile accounts as often as every day. Frequent reconciliation will give you greater cash insight and simplify your month close process.

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