Why is NetSuite global search returning results for unrelated transaction numbers?

By - June 13, 2016

Have you ever performed a global search in NetSuite for a specific transaction number and received multiple results with seemingly unrelated transaction numbers?

Transaction 1

If so, this is likely related to the NetSuite transaction numbering feature.  The transaction numbering feature is designed to provide gapless, system generated, un-editable transaction numbers that can be used for transaction audit log reporting (including numbers that have been deleted).  NetSuite global search not only looks for document number matches, but also transaction number matches.  In the example above, SO999999 (AB&I Holdings) was originally entered as SO800 and transaction number SO800 was automatically assigned.  Then the sales order was edited and the document number was changed to SO999999.  Since transaction numbers cannot be edited, the transaction number remained SO800.  Finally a new sales order was entered with document number SO800 (Rey Software Inc.).  Now we have 2 transactions referencing SO800.

Let’s take a look at some of the settings to help explain the transaction numbering flow:

  1. In general preferences (Setup>Company) enable the show transaction numbering setup:

Transaction 2

  1. In setup auto-generated numbers (Setup>Company) the document numbers and transaction numbers tab are now available:

Transaction 3

  1. Transaction number and document number appear on every transaction record:

Transaction 4

Also available in saved searches:

Transaction 5

  1. A transaction numbering audit log report (Transactions>Management) and saved search type are available for gapless numbering reporting assistance.

The ability to track sequential transaction numbers is not only useful for auditors, but can also be useful for internal reporting on transactions by order of entry.  The transaction numbering audit log, and NetSuite system notes on records provide insights necessary to track record updates, creates & deletions.

Hopefully this provides some insight into transaction numbering and unexpected global search results.

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By: Matt Bailey – Colorado NetSuite Solution Provider

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