Best Closing Practices for Nonprofits: How to Use Intacct’s New Checklist Feature

By - September 15, 2021

Have you experienced the power of Sage Intacct’s Checklist and Assignment feature for your month-end or quarterly internal financials? As a legal entity, a nonprofit organization (NPO) must keep detailed annual financial records for the state and IRS.  Rolled out by popular request, the newly released checklist functionality avoids tax time crunch and panic by offering a real-time and cloud-based picture right inside your financial platform.

Whether you need the customization to organize your monthly tasks, divide user tasks (assignments), or develop detailed process reports for accountability, we recommend using checklists for Intacct users. This new solution for your compliance requirements offers time savings with a quick and easy setup for all your closing practice assignments.  

Here are some ways you can use checklists as a tool to support your organization’s best closing practices:

Documented Internal Procedures

When details come into question, good internal documentation affords peace of mind that your business operates in order.  With this tool from your financial platform, your internal procedures are available at a glance.   

Audit Checklists

We recommend using assignments to remind team members to perform easily forgotten tasks. Many organizations make last-minute scrambles to reconcile uncleared written checks. Another area is the verification of Sub-ledgers to General Ledger. Assigning tasks on a monthly, quarterly, and annual rotation helps the organization stay away from audit-time chaos.


Your NPO has unique characteristics. The checklist feature gives you the capability to go as detailed with your tasks as needed. For example, the creation of a mid-year assignment, “Verify all 1099 Vendors for a W9 on file.” Another helpful customized option is email notifications for assignees to help grab attention for high-priority tasks.  

Track Task Completion 

Keeping your team on pace for a successful year’s end means a well-organized month-end. Intacct’s Checklist can report each task by the percentage complete. With a constraint, tasks or assignments build in a sequence. The order of task priority guides the assignee in a successful workflow of completion.  

Task Ownership

Any Intacct user can become a checklist assignee. The system allows one owner to an entire checklist or unlimited assignments out to multiple users for different tasks. Monthly reassignments are a breeze with an option to add a user’s start and stop date to a particular task or checklist.

Easy Setup 

  •         Under the Company Module, choose Import Data. 
  •         Find the blank Excel import templates which download directly from Intacct.
  •         Add all your tasks.

The quick and easy process imports in seconds.

Your NPO is working hard to improve the community in which you serve. Intacct responds to your month-end best practices by offering you a powerful and easy-to-use tool to strengthen your internal procedures and prepare your business for tax time.  

Do you need more information about Intacct Checklist? Connect with an Intacct technology expert at RSM today.

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