Sage Intacct SaaS Intelligence Dashboard

By - July 5, 2023

SaaS continues on what looks like an unstoppable ascent. Estimates suggest that annual SaaS revenues will top $716 billion by 2028 thanks to a brisk 27.5% CAGR from 2021 onwards. These numbers look extremely promising for new and established players alike—but they tell a different story, too.

Any industry going through such a sustained and significant growth spurt becomes hyper-competitive as a natural consequence. Tech titans will wade into the SaaS space, trying to use their resources and clout to claim a piece of the pie. Smaller players will consolidate, hoping to combine their strengths to hold and grow market share while, simultaneously, a constant wave of startups floods the scene with disruptive concepts and compelling cost structures.

Though the SaaS space will certainly be prosperous, it will be treacherous as well, and success isn’t a foregone conclusion for anyone. As the industry approaches trillion-dollar annual revenues, only one thing is certain: MANY SaaS companies will rise, fall, and be forgotten along the way.

The burning question is how you outlast everyone else?

Data is the Difference Maker

The answer to that question looks different for every company, especially as SaaS further fragments into micro-verticals subject to their own unique market forces. That said, how to find the answer looks the same for everyone: consult the data.

The degree to which companies can turn their data into actionable insights and impactful strategies determines, to no small extent, their long-term competitiveness and relevance. The data informs how companies make countless pivots and redirects in years to come. And while data never guarantees perfect decision making, it always leads to better outcomes than acting with assumptions and intuitions.

Which leads to another question: how do you get data in front of decision makers?

Sage Intacct Saas Intelligence Dashboard

Sage Intacct provides a shortcut for decision makers to get the metrics that matter most in the form of a data dashboard tailored for SaaS intelligence. Choose faster, smarter, and more confidently thanks to benefits like:

  • Real-Time Visibility – Metrics automatically update in real-time to keep people informed with the latest information without requiring any time, input, or effort to get it. And since the information moves in real-time, decision-makers are never waiting for information or acting before they have all the numbers they need.
  • Customizable Analytics – Dashboard owners can choose the metrics they want to see—Committed Annual Recurring Revenue (CARR), Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Churn, Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), Cash Flow, Customer Count, and many more—and how they want the data displayed. Flexibility like this keeps the most important and relevant information top of mind for each user.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making – Quick and clear access to critical metrics like those outlined above ensures that decision makers have the detail and context required to make the best choice among many based on an objective analysis of empirical information. Nothing is a guess. Every decision is backed by data.
  • Team Synergy – Communication and collaboration both improve once team members can tap into the same expansive pool of information, but flexible access controls ensure that individual stakeholders have all the data they need and nothing they don’t. A current, comprehensive, and common understanding of performance creates stronger alignment between every single stakeholder.
  • Mobile Accessibility – The SaaS Intelligence Dashboard goes wherever a smartphone or laptop does so that decision makers have the data they need while traveling, working remotely, or meeting with a client/partner. Being outside the office or away from one’s desk isn’t an obstacle to understanding any longer.

Unleash the Sage Intacct SaaS Intelligence Dashboard

Imagine having a machine that could significantly increase the odds of making the correct selection when it comes to decisions large and small. That’s essentially what this dashboard does.

Sage Intacct users need to have the Contract Module and add on the SaaS Intelligence Dashboard. To put any of those pieces in place, including Sage Intacct itself, contact RSM for everything.

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