Ramping Up Website Revenue with Digital Marketing

By - September 11, 2020

No one has to tell you that 2020 has brought significant changes to our world – both personally and professionally, in-person and digitally. These changes have created new opportunities and new challenges. For years, the digital marketing industry has been one that could generate significant profits for businesses operating online, but only for those that could keep up with the rapidly changing trends. With our world becoming significantly more reliant on digital communications and online business, the opportunity for success with the help of digital marketing has never been greater.

Where e-commerce shines

Back in January 2020, over 60% of companies were considering investing in a website upgrade in the next 12 months. Budgeting changes have impacted many of these company’s plans. One way to get back on track is to quickly invest in increasing revenue from your existing infrastructure. Investing in digital marketing can yield immediate returns, even with limited budgets, by utilizing your existing website and/or external e-commerce marketplaces. Most marketers consider Google & Facebook to be the two channels that provide the highest return on investment for their companies, while Amazon has become the primary search engine consumers turn to for eCommerce shopping. These channels can be quick to set up and have the ability to immediately impact your cash flow; but only if you have the expertise to know exactly how to invest.

How do I start?

Getting started with digital marketing can be a challenge, especially for companies and marketers that are used to traditional media channels. The landscape of digital marketing is changing at a rapid pace, and only those who are entrenched in the field are likely able to keep up with the changing tools and technology. Companies that want to use the digital space to drive new revenue will need to make the most of the information that only experienced marketers will be able to deliver.

RSM’s Digital Marketing focused Rapid Assessment can help clients navigate the changing landscape, grow visibility for their brand online, and ultimately grow the digital revenue needed in order to keep their business alive. RSM marketers will customize an assessment plan, tailored to their client’s industry and growth goals that will ultimately lay out a future path for digital marketing success.

How can RSM help?

RSM’s digital marketing team offers expertise in the following verticals and can offer analysis that will bring clarity and help you right-size your investment:

  • Organic Search (SEO): RSM SEO specialists will evaluate the performance of your organic search, look for content and keyword gaps against your competitors, evaluate technical implementations affecting your organic visibility, and provide a comprehensive long-term strategy for and content audit of your organic visibility in Google. We can provide technical implementation recommendations alongside keyword opportunities and competitive content gaps.
  • Paid Search (SEM): Google has been increasing the visibility of paid search ads within their search result pages for years, which has grown the opportunity for revenue growth in paid search. RSM can help develop a paid search strategy and/or audit of your current paid search investment. This assessment may include keyword opportunities, bid strategy, and landing page and conversion rate analysis.
  • Analytics Strategy: When deciding where to invest in your website, the first step is to have all the data and information available for you to make an informed decision. RSM’s evaluation of your analytics implementation allows us to validate your data’s integrity as well as provide a strategy for tracking the performance of your website as it relates to your goals.
  • Website & Content User Experience: Utilizing a variety of user experience(UX) tools and competitive analysis, this assessment will provide guidance on improving the user experience and increasing conversion on the website. We will also evaluate the content on your website to ensure you have the information needed to lead customers through the buying journey. Heatmapping, user testing, analytics analysis, and competitive research may all play a part in this analysis.

The digital marketing team has also advised clients on Amazon marketplace strategy, organic and paid social media, and organic and paid email marketing. All of which can contribute to a revenue-driving marketing strategy.

Whether you are just getting started with a digital marketing program, or you would like to find missing opportunities in an existing digital marketing strategy, RSM’s Rapid Assessment can help. Using strategic insights developed over years of work on clients in different industry verticals, RSM can help you grow your website’s revenue.

For more information on digital marketing or to inquire about the Rapid Assessment, email ecommerce@rsmus.com or contact us by phone at 1.800.274.3978.

Etana has worked in the digital marketing field for over 10 years, with expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), content strategy, email marketing and digital strategy. Applying her degree in Fiction Writing (B.A.) from Columbia College Chicago to digital marketing allows her to drive creative solutions to logical problems, creating innovative digital marketing programs. Etana has worked with marketing agencies and in-house to implement digital marketing and SEO strategies. In her current role at RSM, she helps clients achieve success in organic results by combining data-centric user experience insights, competitive analysis, and content strategy.

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