A Microsoft Packed Toolbox for Grants Organizations

By - January 6, 2023

If you have been following my series, “A Microsoft Packed Toolbox for Fundraising Organizations,” found here, you may have anticipated this blog. Below we explore the 5 W’s of RSM’s Grants Management Solution (GMS).


RSM’s Grants Management Solution is a grants management software that leverages Microsoft’s Power Platform providing the following features:

Grantee Portal Features

  • Tailored grant applications for different categories of grants
  • Personalized grantee profiles and self-management
  • Demographic surveys
  • Submission of required information and documents
  • Customized milestone generation and reporting
  • Reporting of program metrics and usage of granted funds
  • E-signature capabilities and integration with E-sign vendors
  • Tracking and status of disbursed funds

Grantor features

  • Manage multi-funder programs
  • Monitor and measure Grantee and Sub-Grantee recipient performance through performance indicators and timely reporting
  • Track relationships and data related to an individual and organization in a single system
  • GuideStar integration
  • Provide loan management
  • ERP Integration
  • Automate notifications for awards, achievements, and funding announcements
  • Application processing and complex approvals

Microsoft Technology

  • Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement
  • PowerApps Portals
  • Power BI (optional)


Benefits of GMS:

  • Built directly upon Microsoft’s D365 platform
  • Transparency in budgeting, allocation, and monitoring expenditures of grant performance
  • Visibility to grants lifecycle in a single system
  • Reduce manual staff activities empowering organizations to spend more time focused on mission and value- add outreach
  • Automated processes control the heavy lifting and enforce controls of the grants cycle
  • The configurable approval process to meet the organization’s needs
  • An integral part of Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit
  • Extensibility with the Microsoft product suite, including Dynamics Marketing, Fundraising and Engagement, and Business Central
  • Data-driven decisions with improved visibility and essential metric reporting


Organizations and users who leverage GMS:

  • Funding agencies
  • Grantees
  • Grant and scholarship awarding
  • Foundations
  • Community-based organizations


It is always a good time to explore your options! RSM works with organizations to determine the best time to fit GMS into their IT roadmap.


GMS can be configured to fit anywhere in the grants lifecycle. Current adoptions have included the entire suite or limited modules within the solution.

Why RSM?

RSM is a recommended Microsoft Partner with experience successfully implementing Microsoft F&E and Dynamics 365 Marketing. RSM also distinguishes itself from the competition by providing additional features on top of Microsoft’s solution, including:

  • A pre-built donor portal accepting payments through various methods, including CC and PayPal
  • Integrated marketing with automated tracking of donations to source campaigns
  • Accounting enhancements and automated integration into accounting systems
  • Expert data architects map data from legacy systems into F&E


Jacque is a manager with 8+ years of experience in the nonprofit industry. She is well-versed in large and small associations, and charitable and grantmaking organizations, and understands how to advise differently based on size, constituent count, and budget while keeping the organization’s mission at the forefront. She specializes in finding the best solutions to support grant, fundraising, membership, and association-focused organizations. She maintains that the focus remains on the people and works to formulate processes by leveraging technology.

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