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By - June 19, 2023

Upcoming Event: Microsoft Innovation Summit Series

WHEN: Wed, Sep 20, 2023, at 1:00 PM EST

As a Microsoft user, you need to stay current with the latest the product has to offer. RSM is helping you stay ahead of the curve by providing a semiannual user group summit. From keynote speakers who will inspire a sense of innovation to product breakout tracks and “ask the expert” open forums, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for to enhance your knowledge and inspire you to make your next moves with confidence.

Event outline

  • Keynote speaker (30 minutes)
  • Breakout sessions (45 minutes)
  • Ask the experts (30 minutes)
  • Breakout sessions (45 minutes)
  • Closing keynote speaker (15 minutes)

The breakout sessions offer dozens of options from Dynamics 365 (F&SC, BC, and CE), Microsoft 365, Modern Workplace, Azure, Dynamics (GP, SL), Power Platform, Data Analytics, AI, Co-pilot, and more. You’re sure to find content relevant to you and your organization.

Please register here! Microsoft Innovation Summit series (rsmus.com)

Upcoming Event: RSM Nonprofit 2023 – 2024 Webcast Series

Unlock the Power Platform – A Safe Adoption Model –  October 23rd, 2023, at 2 PM ET.

More than ever today, nonprofits are looking to their information workers to provide insights and optimizations to their processes to help achieve the mission.  These processes could be for donations, volunteers, or even events. Microsoft’s Power Platform is a set of low-code tools that enable digital transformation and automation of workloads.  This platform is ideal for nonprofits, who are typically stretched to do more with less while trying to keep up with the digital curve.  This can be done!   But how can organizations prevent themselves from getting into a situation where non-technical users create data breaches or automation creates a mess? Join us to review how to protect your organization’s data while enabling users to deliver value through the Power Platform.

Please register here! RSM Nonprofit 2023-2024 Webcast Series

Year End Reflections – How to Save Time by Automating Restricted Fund Releases in Oracle NetSuite – October 23rd, 2023, at 2 PM ET.

Are you spending much time monthly and/or at year-end close calculating purpose and time-restricted funds to release from restriction? Many clients manage this data in Excel sheets, highlighting areas to accommodate adjustments and setting manual reminders to ensure accuracy. The RSM NetSuite practice has built a solution to automate the release of funds from restriction based on NetSuite transaction data and user-defined rules. Come join us to learn more about this solution to gain efficiency and accuracy in this critical process.

Please register here! RSM Nonprofit 2023-2024 NetSuite Webcast Series 

Upcoming Event: Housing and Behavioral Health Webcast Series

WHEN: September 26th, 2023 and October 3rd, 2023 at 2:00 PM ET

Join us for a series of exciting webinars designed to empower healthcare nonprofits and nonprofit organizations to achieve greater impact and success. Learn how Microsoft’s Cloud for Healthcare can enhance patient engagement, team collaboration, and data insights, while Microsoft’s Cloud for Nonprofits enables modernized donor and volunteer engagement. Discover the possibilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service to optimize resource scheduling and work management. Unleash the power of AI technology to drive precise and personalized communications, accelerating your mission’s impact. Don’t miss out on these transformative insights – register now for our webinars!

Please register here! Housing and Behavioral Health Webcast Series 

Upcoming Event: Microsoft Power Platform Conference

WHEN: October 3rd-5th, 2023 at MGM GRAND LAS VEGAS

Event outline

You’ll learn from Microsoft MVPs dedicated to bridging the gap between humanity and technology. MPPC is the perfect place to connect with folks from around the world eager to share their insights and knowledge on how the Power Platform and Dynamics 365 can transform your business.

To save $100 on your registration, use code RSM100 at check out.

Please visit our website for more information about RSM’s presence at this year’s event and to schedule a meeting with our MVPs and leaders.

Past Events

Past event: Artificial Intelligence: Fact or Fiction?

In the upcoming one-hour session, attendees will be introduced to the potential of Microsoft’s AI tools in driving meaningful personalization. Through AI, organizations can leverage their existing resources and data to gain valuable insights into their constituents’ preferences and needs. By harnessing these insights, organizations can deliver customized experiences that forge a deeper connection with their audience. From personalized content recommendations to tailored communications, the AI tools showcased in the session offer organizations the opportunity to enhance engagement and build lasting relationships with their constituents. By embracing AI technology, organizations can unlock new levels of personalization and create experiences that truly resonate with their audience, ultimately driving greater mission success.

Please see the video here: Artificial Intelligence: Fact or Fiction?

Past Event: Better Service to Your Community with External Sharing of Data 

Imagine sharing files in real-time without having to email back and forth.  Do you struggle to keep track of the latest document versions?  Are you concerned about someone forwarding a document? Would you like to collaborate on documents with someone outside your organization in real-time? These questions and more will be answered during this webcast.

Microsoft SharePoint Online is the technology to work through these challenges.  This webcast will focus on typical sharing challenges for nonprofits and how Microsoft technology can take on these challenges.  Learn how to collaborate seamlessly on documents with your donors, constituents, grantees, partners, volunteers, and more in a secure and modern platform. Our webcast will start with the features of SharePoint online and then dive into how to properly plan and implement the sharing portal in your SharePoint online environment.

Please see the video here: Better Service to Your Community with External Sharing of Data.

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