Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015’s new mobile app for smartphones

By - August 14, 2015

Two years ago, I wrote a blog about using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 mobile client on tablets, The Future of Mobile Client in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013,
explaining the future of mobile client for Dynamics CRM and how it changed the mobile experience for users on the go.  Two years later, that mobile experience has become a reality for your smartphones and not just tablets anymore. With the last Spring 2015 update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft has released a new mobile app for phones that mirrored the tablet app.

While there are many Dynamics CRM Apps in the app store, what exactly is the NEW Dynamics CRM App for phones?

Below are three apps from Google Play App store for Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 NEW Mobile App for Phones Impression 1

Dynamics CRM Phone Express (Far left Icon)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 NEW Mobile App for Phones Impression 2

Dynamics CRM for Tablet (Far Right Icon)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 NEW Mobile App for Phones Impression 3

*NEW* Dynamics CRM for Phones

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 NEW Mobile App for Phones Impression 4

As you can see from the pictures above, the Dynamics CRM Phone Express is the standard phone express app introduced when Dynamics CRM 2011 was released, the Dynamics CRM for Tablet was introduced when Dynamics CRM 2013 was released, and now the NEW Dynamics CRM for phones is released for Dynamcis CRM 2015.

After playing around with the NEW Dynamics CRM for Phones, I can most definitely say this is a great improvement compared to the current Dynamics CRM Phone Express app.

So, what are the features and benefits that win over the standard phone express Dynamics CRM app?

  1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM tablet experience on your phone
  2. Dashboards and drilldown on charts
  3. Less clunky user interface and smoother slide and glide feel to navigation
  4. Data fields are more spread out for easy viewing and typing
  5. Business process workflow on the go
  6. Business Rules and Workflow supported on your phone
  7. One of my must have for the mobile experience, and that is….JAVASCRIPT SUPPORTED! Below is a sample Jscript alert that I put on the OnLoad of the Contact form.
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 NEW Mobile App for Phones Impression 5
  8. Overall look and feels great to use compared to the old phone express app.

While this new Microsoft Dynamics CRM mobile version for phones is the best one to date, it is not perfect.

  1. Certain entities are not enable for mobile phone (Marketing)
  2. Each time new customization is created or developed in web version, you need to logout and resync your mobile Dynamics CRM app.
  3. Certain JavaScript Xrm.Page functions will not work with the new Dynamics CRM app. You can read more about those functions here.
  4. Do not expect 100% full Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionalities similar to the web browser. I would say around 70% functionalities compared to the web browser.

One major important detail to mention is this new Microsoft Dynamics CRM App for Phones will only work for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online currently. Your Dynamics CRM instance must have version 7.1 update or greater.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 NEW Mobile App for Phones Impression 6

Worry not, Microsoft will eventually push this update for Dynamics CRM On-Premise customers by the end of this year, which then you will need to setup IFD to use the new Dynamics CRM for Phone app .

After waiting for so many years since the standard Dynamics CRM Phone Express app for Dynamics CRM 2011, this new Dynamics CRM for Phone app is shaping up to be the ideal mobile app and by far the best Microsoft Dynamics CRM mobile experience for your phones from Microsoft.

You can download the NEW Dynamics CRM App for your phones below:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 is the newest Dynamics CRM version to date. If you are thinking about upgrading your Microsoft Dynamics CRM and have questions, RSM offers a full range of services from upgrades and implementation to development and support. Contact our professionals for more information on our services at 855.437.7202 or

Hien Tieu – New Jersey Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner


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