Why Business Rules are the biggest change to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

By - July 8, 2014

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, if you wanted any type of automation on your record form (i.e. if you wanted to show different fields on the Payment form depending on the type), you would need to code in the logic using Javascript.  For most people, that meant either hiring help to write the code, or going without it.  But in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, the Business Rules Engine changes all of that.

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Now, however, the process is much simpler.  You can simply construct your rule in Dynamics CRM logically as you would in your business using “If this…then that…” logic.  This new feature is as powerful as it is flexible, allowing you to customize the conditions based on other field values, such as “If Membership Due date = one week from today” and create triggers based upon that condition.  You can display a message, show or hide fields, require or un-require fields or set field values using that trigger while allowing a call to another workflow or trigger in yet another process.  This change in the functionality increases the system’s automation level and decreases the need for user intervention, all without requiring the use of Javascript.  This change allows users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to get more out of the system with minimal effort while greatly increasing your return on investment.

If however, you are looking for support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the CRM specialists at RSM are certified professionals with an average of fiftenn years experience.  We can help you config the system according to your long-term business needs.  Contact our professional for more information – crm@mcgladrey.com or by phone at 855.437.7202.

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By: Zach Greenbaum – Virginia Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner

Zach has 11 years of experience as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM System Administrator. He is experienced in planning, directing, and executing projects, software design, development and testing, and data conversion and validation. During his career, Mr. Greenbaum has primarily focused on small- to mid-size non-profits and private equity groups, with an additional focus on Field Service and Insurance and Healthcare over the last few years. Before coming to RSM, Mr. Greenbaum was responsible for managing new CRM implementations, additional customizations for existing implementations, and client support, including project goal definition, prioritization of requirements, and conflict resolution while adhering to budget and project scope constraints. *PROJECT EXPERIENCE State of Indiana FSSA (Family and Social Services Administration) – Zach’s role in this project began during the discovery phase. His responsibilities included leading requirements-gathering sessions with Indiana’s team leads. Once those requirements were gathered, Zach transitioned to the building and Project Management team and finally to Quality Assurance Team Lead. Interamerican Medical Centers – Zach served as lead consultant on this project, helping to automate several manual processes and increasing efficiency and data visibility while redesigning the legacy CRM system for an upgrade. Additional functionality included integration with an EMR system, integration with Medicare capitation files, and Business Intelligence. Universal Insurance Holdings – Working with the VP of Corporate Applications, Zach designed a system with complex integrations into their legacy Policy database, routing and navigation tools for their field team, and high-level automation for keeping in touch with their authorized Agencies. Southern Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning – Working with the team, Zach configured the D365 Field Service application to meet Southern’s specific needs. Then, Zach spent several months traveling to each location under the Southern umbrella and training the field team and the administrators at headquarters and in the purchasing departments. Foundation Partners Group, LLC – Zach worked closely with the Director of IT and the PMO Group at FPG to implement a CRM system that included portal integration, ClickDimensions for Marketing Automation, and Geolocation based on Zip Code for automatic assignment. This project is now in a second phase, where Power BI and Power Apps for data are being implemented.

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