Codeplex’s SiteMap Editor for Microsoft Dynamics CRM versions 2011 and 2013

By - December 5, 2014

I had the opportunity to attend the CRMUG Summit in St. Louis this year and sit in on a session where developers discussed helpful tools they use when customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM environments. One tool that was highly recommended was the SiteMap Editor from the XRM Development Toolkit.

The XRM Development Toolkit can be downloaded from Codeplex for free and contains a variety of tools to help developers and administrators configure Dynamics CRM environments.

Codeplex 1

In particular, the SiteMap Editor tool allows you to customize the SiteMap without having to edit the XML manually.

Codeplex 2

Once you have connected to your CRM environment, you can load the SiteMap into the tool to view and customize all of the areas, groups and sub-areas that are currently in your environment.

Codeplex 3

The following are a few of the features of the SiteMap Editor:

  •  Disable or delete areas, groups and sub-areas

Codeplex 4

Add Titles to customize the out of the box labels

Codeplex 5

  • Add Privileges to new or existing sub-areas to associate that area with a specific action or access

Codeplex 6

  • Specify sub-areas that are available for offline access

Codeplex 7

  • Customize icons for areas and sub-areas

Codeplex 8

I have used the SiteMap Editor in Dynamics CRM 2013 Online environments and it functions very well. For those who do not wish to deal with the complex and time consuming task of customizing the SiteMap XML directly, this tool is will help. If you have questions about this tool or would like to learn more about our configuration service for Dynamics CRM, contact our professionals at

By: Tasia Harris – Great Lakes Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner

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