Dynamics 365 CE Synchronize User’s Bookable Resource Time Zone

By - November 21, 2019

The Bookable Resource record is scheduled according to the time zone selected on that record within Dynamics 365 CE. This works great for most types of Bookable Resources, but it is confusing for Users with Bookable Resource records since they also set a time zone in their Personalization Settings. Luckily, the Bookable Resource time zone can be easily synchronized with the Time Zone selected in User Settings by a simple three-step Flow.

This Flow will apply the time zone set in the Personalization Settings to the User‘s Bookable Resource record. For information on how to make it a two way sync, please reference this blog.

To begin, navigate to the Power Automation section of Office 365, go to + Create and create an Automated flow. Name your Flow and select the Common Data Service Trigger When a record is updated. Note the Dynamics 365 steps also work.

Set your trigger Environment to (Current), your Entity Name to User Settings and your scope to Organization. You can also select Show Advanced Options and add the Attribute Filter for timezonecode to prevent unnecessary Flow runs. Don’t forget to rename your steps for clarity!

The next step is to add a List Records action to get that User’s Bookable Resource. Even though we only need one Bookable Resource record, we need the List Records action because it has the ability to Filter based on any field, unlike the Update a Record step which requires the entity’s Primary Key. Select the (Current) environment, the Bookable Resources entity and enter a filter query of  “_userid_value eq” and add the SystemUserID dynamic content from the first step. For more information on filtering on the List Records step, please reference this blog.

The last step is to add an Update a Record step and set the time zone. Select the (Current) environment, the Bookable Resources entity and use the Bookable Resource ID from the last step as the Record Identifier. This will automatically place the step in an Apply to each block, which just means that it would loop through all results from the previous List Records step if there were more than one. Note that when the Apply to each step appears, it sometimes clears out the value you just set- be sure to reenter it if that is the case. Finally, we add the dynamic TimeZoneCode value from the trigger into the Time Zone field on Bookable Resource and the Flow is complete.

Your complete Flow should look like this:


Sam is a Senior Consultant in RSM's Dynamics practice. He has experience working with many aspects of Dynamics CE as well as integration technologies like Scribe and SmartConnect.

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