Dynamics 365 Project Service Time Entry Greyed Out

By - January 25, 2020

I was configuring Dynamics 365 for Project Service for a client and noticed an issue with time entry. Users could still create a row using the “+ New” option, however when they entered time on different days in the row the entries never actually saved. The cell would turn grey as it normally does to save, but the save never completes and the cell is stuck greyed out in read-only status.

After some testing, I found out the reason this was happening was because I had a field from a related entity on the Time Entry view.

The Time Entry Grid control used for time in Project Service normally creates a new record for each cell in the row by copying all of the fields displayed in the view. However, it appears the Time Entry Grid can’t handle fields on related entities, and just gets stuck trying to create the new Time Entry record instead of giving an error. Removing all fields from related entities on the view I was using solves the problem.

Since I still wanted the Customer field from the related Project to display, a simple work around was to create a new Customer field on the Time Entry entity directly. I then created a real-time workflow triggered on record creation to populate the field from the Project value.

Sam is a Senior Consultant in RSM's Dynamics practice. He has experience working with many aspects of Dynamics CE as well as integration technologies like Scribe and SmartConnect.

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