eXtremeCRM 2014: Looking beyond Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

By - October 10, 2014

At the closing of eXtremeCRM 2014, Microsoft Dynamics CRM group product manager Venkat Sathyamurthy discussed the vision of  Microsoft Dynamics CRM and where it is heading into the future. Below are the Microsoft strategic focuses discussed at eXtremeCRM 2014 beyond Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.

  • CRM Online – To align with their “Cloud First” strategy, Microsoft will be investing a great amount of money and time to make sure Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is the first choice for customers. This includes expanding the Microsoft ecosystem and scalability with other Microsoft technologies in the cloud. Little was mentioned about on-premises, and what was said by Venkat is how they are working diligently to get current on-premises customers to Dynamics CRM Online.
  • Non-linear avenues of growth – The context of this revolves around getting the Dynamics CRM partners, Independent Software Vendors (ISV) vendors and Dynamics CRM community to work together collectively along with Microsoft to make Microsoft Dynamics CRM the premiere choice for customers.
  • Productivity – This focuses on improving the Dynamics CRM application to allow the sales team to be more productive, whether it is enhancing the user experience (UX), adding the new sales product taxonomy configuration coming to Dynamics CRM 2015 or adding better integration tools to move data in and out to add Business Intelligence (BI) for CRM.
  • Mobility – Continue with enhancing the mobile ecosystem for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, they are expanding this space with more application functionalities and overall experience. During the mobility part of eXtremeCRM 2014 presentation, the Microsoft mobile team mentioned
    • 29 new languages will be added to CRM mobile app, making it more available globally
    • User can now make their personal homepage dashboard
    • Offline email drafts can now be created
    • These features are planned at the end of Q4 2014

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is the future and whether we like it or not, that is where Microsoft’s money and development time are going into. The bright side about this concentration is mobility, as it continues to be enhanced to align with their cloud strategy. Again, nothing is set in stone and the focuses mentioned above are in the roadmap Microsoft hopes to achieve beyond Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.

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By: Hien Tieu – Philadelphia Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner

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