Free webinar: Social CRM and what you need to consider

By - January 14, 2013

The web has drastically changed the landscape of today’s marketing programs and how customers buy from us.  Most consumers are doing research on the web and then engaging with a company when they are ready to purchase.  So the social media world is affecting both sides of the business equation – what your organization is doing on the social media channels to build awareness and how your organization is using these channels to build better relationships.

Join us for a complimentary Social CRM webcast on February 13 as we explore what you need to consider in this world of social media.  In this webcasts, we explore the concept of “Social CRM.”  You’ll learn what is social CRM, how it can benefit your organization and the tools to enhance your business’ social media strategy.

Can’t attend the webcast, no worries.  Our white paper, Utilizing social CRM to enhance your business relationships, can provide some insight into social CRM and how you can use the information from social media to build better business relationships and effectively target your sales activities.

If you have any other questions about Social CRM, contact our professionals at 855.437.7202 for a Social CRM Rapid AssessmentSM.  We’ll help you identify where Social CRM can improve your business processes and the technology to support it.

By: Kathy Davidson, RSM LLP – National Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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