Human relationship management (HRM) capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

By - December 18, 2014

How can you turn Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 into a human relationship management (HRM) system? By importing a couple different solutions, you have the ability to manage multiple resources that would otherwise be handled outside of a CRM environment. These solutions are provided by Assistance Software and Adxstudio.

Assistance PSA and Assistance HRM, two of these solutions from Assistance Software, allow for HR actions and time and expense to be made available within Dynamics CRM.

Assistance PSA solution  allows you to manage a wide range of professional services for your company. It has the capabilities to manage projects, budgets, GANTT charts, timesheets, hours, expenses and invoicing for a company. Assistance HRM gives you the ability to manage and strengthen your employee relations. This solution helps you track open job opportunities, benefits, compensation, appraisals, goal tracking, equipment, assignee, company cars or even leave time. Leveraging these aspects increases the capability of managing resources effectively and thereby results in employee development and company growth.

Apart from those two Assistance solutions, ADXstudio offers a wide range of products (portals) that can be synced with your Dynamics CRM solution to enhance its capabilities. One Portal that Adxstudio offers is the Assistance Portal. This portal is installed on top of Assistance HRM and provides self-service functionality to the employees. Assistance Portal allows employees the management of their own personal account information, the areas where you have skills, education received, vacation requests and it also allows you to call in sick. This portal is linked to Dynamics CRM which updates the information once it is saved. Making it viewable to all users who have the appropriate permissions within Dynamics CRM.

These three solutions seamlessly install on Microsoft Dynamics CRM as managed solutions and leverage the robust platform of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. These added functionalities expands the scope of using Microsoft Dynamics CRM but are powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM with  easy to use, easy to configure and customize capability. After all of these solutions have been imported and customized, Dynamics CRM still maintains the same basic functionality of Sales, Service, and Marketing.

For additional details and evaluation of this tool for your organization, please contact RSM at  To learn more about the type of work we have performed, visit our Microsoft Dynamics CRM case studies page.

By: Tyson Layman – Great Lakes Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner



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