In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, cannot add new phone call or task on contact form – Solved!

By - August 15, 2013

A client had been experiencing an issue while using the Polaris forms in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. The client had been unable to add a new phone call or task on the contact form under the activities tab of the social pane. Navigating the form was not an issue, the users were able to access the pane, enter the activities tab and click on “add phone call” or “add task” but from there nothing happened. Several ideas for the root of this problem were tested including custom solutions effecting the form, security roles, and custom code, none of which proved to be the problem. After a month of back and forth with Microsoft a solution surfaced.

By entering the form editor, selecting the “maps section properties”,

blog2 screenshot1

and then marking the visibility section to “visible by default”.

blog2 screenshot2

After saving and publishing this alteration the client is now able to add phone calls and tasks to the contact.

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