Integrating a Microsoft Dynamics CRM dashboard into any entity

By - January 24, 2013

Recently, one of our clients wanted to see a dashboard added into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM form. For example, they wanted to see open Opportunities information when they open an Account record.

After looking into the web, I noticed there are not many sites or blogs that show how to do it in a clear way.  Hence, in this post, I will show you how to display a dashboard inside a Dynamics CRM entity step by step.

Here is a screenshot of how the dashboard looks once integrated on the Account entity.

dashboard in account entity





Step by step instructions to add a dashboard onto your Dynamics CRM entity:

1. Create a tab > then insert an IFrame into the tab

Insert iframe to create dashboard

2. In the IFrame, add a unique IFrame name, and URL and uncheck restrict cross-frame scripting.

add iframe into Dynamics CRM

3. Get the URL for the IFrame

The standard URL for the dashboard is:


Two factors (note the bold text) that will change based on your Dynamics CRM Organization name and the dashboard ID.

To get your Dynamics CRM Organization name, go to Settings > Customizations > Developer Resources > Organization Unique Name.

customers unique name

/Contoso/dashboards/dashboard.aspx?dashboardId=%<Dashboard ID>%7d&dashboardType=1031&pagemode=iframe

So we have our Dynamics CRM Organization name, now we need to find out the Dashboard ID we want to display.

To get the Dashboard ID, go to Dashboard > right click > right click the dashboard you want > then select “copy a link”

display dashboard in Dynamics CRM

Next, from the dashboard URL



Extract only the ID, which in my case would be:


Then plug the ID back into the URL


Once the URL is constructed, go back to our IFRAME and plug in the complete URL

Add URL to Dynamics CRM iframe

Save & Publish

Now when you open an Account record, you will see the Opportunity dashboard within that record.

This is a pretty simple configuration.  However if you are looking for more custom configurations of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, RSM can help.  We offers a full range of Dynamics CRM services. Contact our professionals for more information on our services at 855.437.7202 or

By: Hien Tieu – New Jersey Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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