Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 “Data Encryption Feature Isn’t Activated” error when moving database from online to on-premise environment

By - November 11, 2014

We recently migrated a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 online database down to an on-premise environment and stumbled upon an error when trying to do quick campaign.

Data Encryption feature


After seeing that error message, we went to system settings > Data Management > Data Encryption and try to enable it. However, activation cannot be done because it requires HTTPS enabled to do it.

So talking to Microsoft Support, they recommended to disable the SSL(HTTPS) in the SQL database to bypassed that requirement.

According to this Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 MSDN article on data encryption, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 uses standard Microsoft SQL Server cell level encryption for a set of default entity attributes that contain sensitive information, such as user names and email passwords.

Since the Dynamics CRM 2013 database was from online, it was already using HTTPS and we didn’t get the data encryption error, but when it was moved to on-premises, we had HTTP, which then deactivates our data encryption feature.

We performed the following steps below to bypass the requirement of HTTPS enabled to activate data encryption.

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Click New Query and select MSCRM_CONFIG database.
  3. Run the command
  4. UPDATE DeploymentProperties SET BitColumn = 1 WHERE ColumnName = ‘DisableSSLCheckForEncryption’

After perform the steps above, we tried to activate the data encryption in settings > data management > data management > entered any encryption key > activated, and we were able to do quick campaign again.

In addition, this will resolve any Dynamics CRM 2013 issues where you see data encryption feature isn’t activated. Remembered to store your data encryption key somewhere safe, because you will require it again when you set up server-side synchronization for emails.

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By: Hien Tieu – Philadelphia Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner

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