Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Two Easy Ways to Improve CRM Forms

By - October 25, 2016


HTML Web Resources are not new to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but I believe they are an often overlooked way to easily make Dynamics CRM forms look better and be more intuitive for Dynamics CRM users.

Simply put, a web resource is a way to extend the Dynamics CRM web application. Web Resources using HTML files and Jscript are probably the most common types of web resources encountered in CRM environments. This article will not be an exhaustive explanation of web resources; it will cover a couple of ways to easily add web resources to Dynamics CRM forms to help make them more intuitive for users, enabling users to be more productive.

Example 1: Checkbox to the right of the Label/Text

In CRM, when using a Two Option field to display as a checkbox, the Label for the field is typically to the left of the checkbox.

CRM Forms 1 Dynamics CRM

There may be some instances where it makes more sense or is more visually pleasing for the text to be on the right of the checkbox.

CRM Forms 2

It is surprisingly easy to accomplish, and it doesn’t take a developer. All that is needed is a blank Web Resource and a little creativity. What follows is just one way to get labels to the right.

  1. Create a blank Web Resource.  This Web Resource can be reused as many times as needed.
    CRM Forms 3 Dynamics CRM
    Using the Text Editor, place a single space in the file. Save and Publish the Web Resource.
    CRM Forms 4
  2. On the customization Form, format the Section that contains the checkbox to be Two columns. One column is needed for the Two Option (checkbox) field, and the other column for the Web Resource.
    CRM Forms 5
  3. If not already done, place the Two Option field in the designated Section. Modify the properties of the field so that the label is hidden. Don’t forget to verify on the Formatting tab that the field will show as a “Checkbox.”
    CRM Forms 6
  4. The Section should look like this in the Design View when labels have been hidden.
    CRM Forms 7
  5. Once the Two Option field is on the form, insert a Web Resource. Name the resource the way the Label for the checkbox should be shown. The Label will be what is displayed to users.
    CRM Forms 8
  6. The Formatting tab should be set up as follows:Layout = One column, Number of Rows = 1Automatically expand = False,Scrolling = Never,Display Border = FalseCRM Forms 14
    CRM Forms 9
  7. When finished click OK. Save and Publish the Form. If all has gone well, the Form will display the checkboxes with the label on the right.
    CRM Forms 10

Example 2: Insert text on the form

There may be times when additional text is needed on the form. Either a field needs a very long label, or there is a need to have an area on the form to guide users. One example of this might be giving the user instructions on how to fill in a section of a complex form.

The trick to adding a longer label or text to the form is to populate the Web Resource with the text to be displayed. Create a web resource as was done in the first example, but this time enter the text that should be displayed by using the Text Editor. If you are comfortable with HTML, you can click on the Source tab and modify the look and feel of the text further.

CRM Forms 11

While on the Form customization page, click to add a Web Resource. Fill in the required information, but do not check “Display label on the Form.”

CRM Forms 12

Set up the formatting tab as appropriate for the desired effect on the Form. You may need to play with the number of columns and rows to fit the various amount of text in your Web Resource.   I would recommend for most instances that Scrolling should be set to “Never.”  When finished setting the properties for the Web Resource, Save and Publish the Form. The end result should look similar to the below image.

CRM Forms 13

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By: Jon Angell – Minnesota Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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