When to use Scribe vs building data intergration or migration

By - August 14, 2013

I recently had a customer that is implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.  They were asking why we were recommending using Scribe for the data integration and data migration.  Below is a quick table I put together of some of the major pros and cons for utilizing Scribe.

Scribe Vs. Build Comparision
  Scribe Build
Cost Scribe comes with a license and   mantenance fee. Only license and mantenance fee   would be within the application used to design the integration. Typically   that would be visual studio.
Time Scribe comes with a user   interface and mapping tools, reducing the time to build the integrations. Development would be done from   scractch.  Some time could be recovered   from reusing code between mappings.
Ongoing   mantenance Updating a mapping requires the   user to go into the mapping and update the mapping.  Once the file is saved, the mapping is   updated. The user would be required to   dig through code to find the area that would need to be changed.  This would then need to be saved and then   recompiled.
Scheduling Nightly jobs can be run through   a built in scheduler Nightly jobs would be run   through a third party scheduler, such as Sql Server or Windows Scheduler.
Error   Handling Rejected rows are outputted to a   new table.  This allows for the job to   be rerun against that table. Error handling would have to be   coded.
Changing   of sources Scribe file can be opened and   repointed to another data source or target, just by mapping to that source or   target.  This is useful when pointing   to the Dev/staging environment and then pointing to production. Changing of sources would   require the user to go the development code, update it, save it and recompile   it.
Individual   the tool is designed for Scribe is designed to be used by   a computer savvy individial, but not a developer. This would have to be built and   maintained by a developer.
Updated   Metadata Scribe will update fields in the   source and target if a field is added or removed.  Mappings are adjusted if fields are   inserted in the center All modifications of the source   and the target will require the web references to be refreshed and then   mapping changes will have to be found and changed.
Version/Update   changes Any changes to CRM will be   maintained by Scribe.  No changes   needed.  May require updating the code,   but this will be an install from Scribe. Any updates would have to be   tested prior to applying.

If you have a data integration project and would like to learn more, contact our professionals at crm@mcgladrey.com or visit our website at http://mcgladrey.com/Dynamics/Microsoft-Dynamics.

By: Bob Kanzler – New Jersey Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant

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