How Data Mart in Management Reporter 2012 helps Analytical Accounting

By - January 13, 2014

If you are using Analytical Accounting (AA) in Microsoft Dynamics GP, there are benefits from implementing the Data Mart in Management Reporter 2012. The Data Mart eliminates the need to have separate companies in Management Reporter to get financial data. You simply design the report for the GP accounts, segments or Analytical Accounting dimensions you want.

If the Legacy Provider and Data Mart both exist, there will be at least two and possibly three companies setup in Management Reporter.  The Data Mart will have just the Dynamics GP database ID as the company (e.g. TWO).  The Legacy Provider will have a suffix of –Curr (e.g. TWO-Curr).  If you use AA, there will be a third company created (e.g. TWO-AA).

You need to be aware of situations where your financial reports could be incorrect. The Data Mart includes all General Ledger (GL) and AA records.  If there are any records in the GL Work, Open or History tables that are missing in the corresponding AA Work, Open or History tables the financial results obtained from the Data Mart will be incorrect.  Since the Legacy AA Management Reporter Company reports the financial data in the same way as the Data Mart, the financial information in the Legacy AA Management Reporter Company would also be incorrect. However, the Non-AA Legacy Company financial information will be correct.

Another situation where the Financial Results in the Data Mart or the Legacy AA Management Reporter Company could be incorrect (the Non-AA Legacy Company will be correct) is if the following 3 items exist for a company and AA is activated and transactions have been Posted.

1. Multicurrency is in the registration keys.

2. Multicurrency is not marked in the registration window.

3. A functional currency has been defined.

In the above situation if the transactions are Unposted – the Data Mart and Legacy AA Company results will be correct.

SQL scripts need to be run to fix the above issues.

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By: Jeff Bloch – Pennsylvania Microsoft Dynamics GP partner

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