Five ways to jump start your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system

By - February 7, 2014

Many users have been working with their ERP system for five or ten years and paying the enhancement each year.  When they see the new versions come out every other year, they are thinking – why should I upgrade?  What will I get out of it?  Is it worth the money?  Working with customers who have chosen Microsoft Dynamics GP (or Great Plains as it is still universally known) for 15 years, I have seen this many times.  Some things you can do to jump start your ERP system and get your team excited about the new features or new functionality in Dynamics GP or in your other systems:

  • Attend Microsoft Convergence 2014 in Atlanta from March 4-7.  Seeing your ERP system in action and how others are excited about the latest release and related add-ons will spark many ideas about how you can be more productive and tighten your budget gaps.  Talking with other Dynamics GP users and ISV Partners will give you a fresh perspective on what is available.  You can also bring your nagging support questions directly to the Microsoft experts who will gladly share their years of experience and solve that problem – free of charge.
  • Contact your regional RSM account manager.  We have many years of experience and would love to sit down with you and review your system informally, or with one or more team members on a project to review your business processes, find ways to optimize your Dynamics GP systems and point to integration possibilities with tools that were not available a few years ago.
  • Attend the RSM monthly Dynamics GP webinars and in-person events and check out our blogs and website for other technology webinars that may shed light on your exact situation or scenarios you are considering.
  • Join the Microsoft Community to post your own suggestions or questions and get to know the contributors.  They can help you save hours of research and point you in the right direction or open your eyes to new ideas.
  • Access Microsoft CustomerSource which is included for all users in your annual enhancement.  Find out the latest tips and tricks, download software and use eLearning to get users up to speed on the latest features.  You will need a login, so contact your account manager if you don’t have one.

If you are looking for a support for your Microsoft Dynamics GP system, ask our professionals about our exclusive Rapid Assessment® for Microsoft Dynamics.  This methodology allows us to review your existing system configurations and identify areas where improvements can be made.

By: Mary Lenehan –  Microsoft Dynamics GP partner in Schaumburg, Illinois

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