Microsoft Dynamics GP Security Access Processing POP Returns

By - April 12, 2020

After years of working with Dynamics GP, I recently encountered one of those unusual security settings that made no sense. The customer needed to modify a user’s security permissions to allow access to process PO Returns. My first step was to open the Dynamics GP default security tasks and check all tasks related to Purchasing Transactions starting with TRX_PURCH. I easily located TRX_PURCH_006* entitled “Enter Purchasing Returns Transactions” – see below. I granted the user access to this task thinking this was all they needed. Unfortunately, the user was still unable to process the returns. They did have access to the Returns Transaction Entry window but not the Returns Batches window and were unable to create a batch or do a look up on existing returns batches. So I went back to the TRX_PURCH_006* task to look for the corresponding Returns Batch Entry window, but this operation was not available in the list of windows. I went through every operation thinking it may be under Purchasing Returns Batches, PO Returns Batch Entry, etc…and found nothing.

I then went back to my Task IDs and located another task TRX_PURCH_024* with a description of “Enter/Edit PO Returns batches”. I open it up and find the window has no selected operations displayed:

I thought it has to be here somewhere, and I found it under the PO Enhancement Product. You may be wondering why the Returns Batch Entry and the Returns Transaction Entry windows are not listed together under the Microsoft Dynamics product. I believe it stems from many years ago when the Purchasing Returns feature was part of the PO Enhancements add-on product, and Microsoft has never updated the code to add the Returns Batch Entry window to the Dynamics GP core functionality.

Fortunately, there are other ways to find this information without having to dig through the Task ID setups. Check out this blog post that provides instructions for troubleshooting security permissions in GP. Please note that you may require the assistance of your IT person or your GP Partner to complete these steps.

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