Spring is the Perfect Time to Migrate from FRx to Management Reporter

By - May 3, 2013

Now is the perfect time to migrate your FRx reports to Management Reporter (MR). You have made the decision to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and take advantage of the web client or many of the other exciting features in Dynamics GP 2013. Another huge benefit of upgrading is doing a license model transition for free. You have tons of functionality available in the perpetual licensing model. But you know that you will have to let go of your old reliable friend – FRx Reporter 6.7. It has served you well for many years, but change is good. You waited for just the right time. Here are just a few of the many advantages of moving to Management Reporter:

  1. Stable database – MR runs on a Microsoft SQL database so it is much more reliable than the Microsoft Access database available with FRx.
  2. Better Performance on your 64 bit machine with MR – FRx was not compatible with 64 bit operating systems.
  3. UNDO is available in MR.
  4. Data Mart – It was introduced recently and acts like a data warehouse for all the Dynamics GP data in SQL that is accessed by MR and will provide much better performance.
  5. Unlimited Users – With your GP 2013 upgrade, you get unlimited licenses for designers, generators and viewers for Management Reporter
  6. Web Publishing methods – You have a choice with MR where you want to publish your reports.  There is a built in website called Reports Library or you can use your existing SharePoint site or shared drives on your file server.
  7. Experience – RSM is very experienced with FRx to MR migrations and we have worked out all the preparation with the migration tool
  8. Run in Parallel – You can run FRx and MR in parallel for a short period of time to ease the change.

RSM is ready to help you make the move to Dynamics GP 2013 and Management Report 2012 R5 and take advantage of all these great features. Contact your RSM Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner in the Chicago, Illinois area for more information and an estimate.

By: Mary Lenehan, Dynamics Client Manager, Illinois Microsoft Dynamics GP partner

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