Revolutionizing Non-Profit Fundraising: Harnessing AI for Hyper-Personalized Donor Outreach Introduction

By - June 28, 2023

In the non-profit world, fundraising campaigns are vital in driving positive impact. However, creating compelling and personalized donor outreach content can be a time-consuming and challenging task. Fortunately, with the advent of Generative AI technology, RSM has developed an innovative solution that can transform how non-profits engage with their donors. This post provides an overview of the solution built by RSM, highlighting its ability to generate hyper-personalized content, streamline and automate processes, and provide an enhanced donor experience.

The Power of Dynamics Fundraising and Engagement:

At the heart of this cutting-edge solution lies Dynamics Fundraising and Engagement, a powerful platform developed by Microsoft. With its comprehensive features and seamless integration with other Microsoft tools, Dynamics Fundraising and Engagement provides a solid foundation for non-profit organizations to manage their fundraising campaigns effectively.

The Role of the Power Platform Canvas App:

RSM has built a custom Canvas App within Dynamics Fundraising and Engagement to simplify and expedite the content generation process. This app is a user-friendly interface that pre-populates with necessary donor information, allowing non-profit team members to easily create dynamic forms and provide oversight and governance on the information fed into the AI model.

Empowering AI with Azure OpenAI Services:

The true magic behind this AI-powered solution lies in its integration with Azure OpenAI Services. By leveraging the advanced capabilities of Azure’s AI services, RSM has enabled the automatic generation of hyper-personalized donor outreach content. The AI algorithms analyze the captured donor information and craft tailored messages that resonate with each individual, creating a more engaging and compelling experience.

Multi-Lingual Support:

In our increasingly interconnected world, diversity and inclusivity are paramount. Recognizing this, the solution utilizes Azure OpenAI Services to generate content in multiple languages. This ensures that non-profit organizations can connect with donors from different cultural backgrounds, fostering a global support community for their causes.

The Benefits, summarized:

  • Time-saving Efficiency: This AI solution frees up valuable time and resources that non-profit professionals can redirect toward other essential tasks by automating the content generation process. Organizations cannot be burdened manually crafting each donor’s communication but can focus on nurturing relationships and driving impact.
  • Hyper-Personalization: Personalization is key to donor engagement. With AI-powered content generation, each donor receives messages tailored to their preferences and past interactions. This level of personalization deepens the connection between donors and non-profit organizations, increasing the likelihood of continued support.
  • Enhanced Donor Experience: By leveraging the power of AI, non-profit organizations can deliver a seamless and engaging donor experience. Donors receive communications that resonate with them individually, leading to increased satisfaction, trust, and a stronger sense of connection to the organization’s mission.
  • Microsoft Technologies End-to-End: The solution’s integration with Microsoft technologies, from Dynamics Fundraising and Engagement to Azure OpenAI Services, ensures a cohesive and seamless experience. Organizations can leverage the familiarity and reliability of Microsoft tools while harnessing the cutting-edge power of AI.


This AI technology developed by RSM represents a significant leap forward in non-profit fundraising. By combining the capabilities of Dynamics Fundraising and Engagement, Power Platform Canvas App, and Azure OpenAI Services, non-profit organizations can now create hyper-personalized donor outreach content effortlessly. The automation provided by this solution not only saves time but also enriches the donor experience, fostering stronger connections and driving greater impact. With Microsoft technologies embedded end to end, non-profits can confidently embrace this AI-powered future and unlock new possibilities in their fundraising efforts.

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