Buy Now, Pay Later with NetSuite

By - June 29, 2020

Creating conversions and driving revenue is the ultimate goal of your eCommerce store. Getting customers through the browsing process, into the checkout and securely entering their credit card number for payment can be a long process for customers to get through; one that is made even harder if your product is a considered purchase. While buying a t-shirt, coffee mug, or soccer ball could potentially be an impulse buy that customers make on the fly, buying a high priced item like furniture or electronics takes more thought.

Affirm, and other ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ type loan companies, have become popular features for eCommerce websites with higher-priced products. These companies have opened up the possibility for consumers to make considered purchases with low-APR credit, instead of charging the price of the item to their credit card with a much higher interest rate. This payment option helps customers spread out the cost of their purchase over 3 to 32 months, does not require a payment from the customer at the time of purchase, and is easier to obtain than a loan from the bank.

Affirm is popular with its clients for two key reasons.

  • Affirm pays the full price of the customer’s shopping cart at the time of checkout, when the customer’s loan is approved, making sure that the business doesn’t have to wait for the cash flow.
  • This added payment option has been proven to increase revenue for eCommerce stores. Revenue increases are the result of increased conversion rates, fewer abandoned carts, and up to an 85% increase in average order values.


Affirm Solution for NetSuite

Affirm advertises on its website a number of Content Management Systems that the loan processor is able to be integrated with. However, when you dive deeper into some of their integrations, you will notice that the integration is reliant on you partnering with their chosen payment processor. This could lead to complications for many clients who love the idea of adding Affirm as a checkout option but have a different payment processor already on their website.

RSM has developed an integration for Affirm on NetSuite that is gateway independent. This means that you are able to integrate this payment option, whether or not you use Affirm’s payment processing partner, Solupay. At RSM, we’ve seen that this option has increased the ability for our clients to move towards offering new payment choices for their customers, and has allowed our clients to increase their conversion rates and revenue as a result.

Reach out to RSM to learn more about how to integrate Affirm, or another small-transaction loan processor, with your NetSuite store. We have an in-house developed solution that we can use to increase the payment processing options you provide to customers.

Contact us at or by phone at 800.274.3978 to learn more about how we can help your NetSuite SuiteCommerce or SuiteCommerce Advanced store.

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