Crossfit goes global in digital transformation project for customer experience

By - April 19, 2023

Crossfit is one the most recognizable brands in fitness.  With growth to over 5 million athletes and over 14,000 locations (affiliates) worldwide, the company has needed to transform its people, process and technology to meet the demands of a global organization.  As is the case with any fast growth company, Crossfit had multiple organizations and systems to support its athletes and affiliates.  Crossfit, with the help of RSM, saw the opportunity to digitally transform the customer experience (CX) and to unify and modernize its customer interactions to match its positive brand appeal.

How did we enhance Crossfit’s customer experience?

One area Crossfit recognized that CX could be improved was across three significant areas of their business

  • Affiliate support – independently owned and operated, licensed Crossfit locations
  • Crossfit Games – international games where any Crossfit athlete can compete
  • Education – online courses, for example for Certificates

Due to rapid growth, each of these key areas was supported by a different group with different systems and processes.   A “Crossfitter” though could be a member of all three.  Working with RSM, Crossfit consolidated people, process and technology in a digital transformation migration to Salesforce Service Cloud.

The resulting unified client experience had huge benefits including:

  • Single UX across three different functions, streamlining the experience and creating a consistent brand feel
  • Single source of truth for the customer data across all three support functions as well as Salesforce Sales Cloud information
  • Language support – automatic language translation capabilities that enable Crossfitter to be supported in their local language while enabling cross-support for employees to support anyone across the 155 countries Crossfit has a presence.
  • Increased efficiency in supporting clients including intelligent routing, and quick reassignment of tickets to different specialists all while creating a seamless experience for the Crossfitter
  • The ability to support team members who train across functions and focus on delivering higher value to the end user while building relationships

If you’d like to read more about the Crossfit Customer Experience (CX) Digital Transformation Project, see exactly what we did for them, and how we can help you.


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