How to Quickly Bring Your Store Online

By - May 12, 2020

There have always been many reasons to consider taking your business online – whether that is reaching a broader customer base than you previously have, making it easier to shop, or reducing overhead caused by in-person sales. Nothing has more starkly brought to light the need for businesses to adapt to a digital world than the COVID-19 pandemic. Where a digital presence used to be optional, today it is the only way to remain relevant and continue to operate successfully.

Whether your business relied on in-person transactions or external vendors who are no longer selling your products the way they used to, you’ve probably heard the advice that you “need to adapt to the changing environment.” This advice, while well-intentioned, can feel a bit obtuse and hard to act on. While you likely know that processing transactions online is what customers expect in the era of social distancing, getting a working web store released is something most companies take months to plan and execute.

How can you get your eCommerce done quickly?

On RSM’s eCommerce team, changing times have brought differing needs for our clients than in months prior. One of the biggest needs that we have seen is the need to launch a web store quickly to restart cash flow. With traditional business at a standstill, time literally means money. Our clients still have the overhead of rent payments, costs associated with potential layoffs, and supplies, even if customers are shut out of purchasing. Businesses need the ability to transact with customers online, and every day that they aren’t doing so works against them.

For client’s already on NetSuite ERP, RSM has created the ability to standup a SuiteCommerce web site within weeks. This is done by leveraging tools and processes created by RSM, where clients can choose from modernly designed responsive templates and existing NetSuite features and extensions to create their web store experience. RSM’s experience and processes cut down on time spent requirements gathering and in discovery, allowing us to get right into building the web store. Our fast track processes are built in a manner that can scale for a rapid launch but will be implemented in a manner that allows for layering on customizations in the future, so you don’t need to go back to the drawing board if you find the need for additional features down the line.

By getting your online store up and running quickly, you can go back to what you do best — building and growing your business!

Find more information about FastTrack for NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced or contact RSM at or by phone at 800.274.3978 to learn more.

Etana has worked in the digital marketing field for over 10 years, with expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), content strategy, email marketing and digital strategy. Applying her degree in Fiction Writing (B.A.) from Columbia College Chicago to digital marketing allows her to drive creative solutions to logical problems, creating innovative digital marketing programs. Etana has worked with marketing agencies and in-house to implement digital marketing and SEO strategies. In her current role at RSM, she helps clients achieve success in organic results by combining data-centric user experience insights, competitive analysis, and content strategy.

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